St. Xavier Mat Madness


A few days ago we had our first Virtue Camp with Cincinnati St Xavier HS wrestling.
The event kicked off with the first practice of the season, followed by a night of team building and virtue exercises. The Heyob family – including freshman Ben and sophomore Joe – donated a crucifix blessed by Pope Benedict XVI, and hung it above the doors of the wrestling room as part of the experience.
The athletes slept on wrestling mats and shared a Saturday morning breakfast as a team. They concluded with a brisk, intense morning practice.
“We’re always looking for unique ways to engage the students,” Head Coach Tim McDonald said. “The wrestling will take care of itself, but we want to be very intentional about our expectations for them as young men. An overnight like this is a great way to mix the wrestling with the real mission of the school – becoming men for others.”
Coach McDonald also introduced me to all the parents and explained what he'll be doing with the virtue themes, chapel visits, prayer, etc. We handed out the building blocks sheet to all the parents and some of them commented how much they loved it.
I think there were about 50 boys there and 30 more will be joining them from the football team.