The Urgent Need


I was honored to be a part of two more virtue camps this past weekend with Lloyd Memorial HS basketball and Winton Woods HS wrestling.
Similar themes came up in both but primarily the urgent need to address "Fatherhood Wound Issues".
Of the 44 young men between the two teams about two thirds of them have serious situations of anger, lack of forgiveness, doubt and discouragement that weaken them on a daily basis. 
I was amazed at how open they were to talk about these painful topics, no doubt due to the mentoring coaches they have who have been helping them for years.
The weakening becomes apparent when adversity and serious commitment come to the forefront. The memory of their father abandoning them comes back again and again thus making a commitment on their part that much harder.
These young men are blessed to have coaches who truly care about them because if they were just about the sport ... they would have nobody.
Mike Key and Chris Willertz are coaches who are serving our country in ways many others choose to look the other way.
Thank you for your virtue!