A Better Coach, A Better Husband, A Better Father

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Below is a wonderful testimony from a coach in our association who feels that his life and his family have been changed for the better through virtue and growing closer to God.
May his words fire you up to keep going!
Thank you, Sal, for sharing.


I wanted to share with you the impact your SportsLeader program has had in my own life. Having been a man of faith for several years, I, like most people, wondered away from God's glory. Over the last few years, and especially since the passing of my father in 2009, I have felt God calling me back into His way. I've dabbled and studied the Bible over the years and know that God is faithful and He does not give up on us. His Son did not die for us so we would be lost forever. 

At St. Gertrude Parish we implemented the SportsLeader Virtue Program this year. As the head coach of the 7th/8th grade football team, I realized I needed to live the life God has called me to live, a life that reflects His Son. If I tried to fake it the kids would never believe in what we were teaching. So I dove into the Word and got back to praying to God. God, through SportsLeader and your friendship, changed my heart. His strength is in me because of the virtues I try to live. I am not perfect but God is. I am weak but He is strong. Living His virtue = Having His strength. 

As you and I have discussed, I felt God is moving on men all over to stand up and be the MEN God created us to be. That we need to share our faith with our families and with those around us. That we need to be the spiritual leaders of our house and our community. Through trying to be that leader for my football team, I started to be that leader in my home. 

I came to the realization that I was not treating my children with the same patience and respect I gave my football players. Through prayer and study of God's word, I have changed how I parent. I am more of a coach at home than a dictator. In just under a year my 14 year old daughter, who is a freshman in high school, has taken her grades from failing to A/B with a few high C's. Just by taking the time to go over things as many times as needed, just like I do with my players. 

I also came to the realization that I needed to pray with my wife. I found that very intimate and extremely difficult. It is easy for me to get up in front of my football players and pray, pray with the opposing team after a game, but to lay in bed with my wife and pray for our marriage, the kids and the infertility we have been dealing with the last year was petrifying. Through the Spirit working in my heart, I worked on it and realized I feared my wife judging me as either a hypocrite or a fanatic. She knows me more intimately than anyone else. 
But through the grace of God and the Blood of Christ, I was able to see I was only psyching myself out. That I needed to trust in God to come to Him through Jesus Christ as His Word says to do. So I started praying for my marriage, my wife and for God to bless us with a child. This is my wife's first pregnancy and she has been such a wonderful mother to my two kids that I believe she deserves to have one of her own. I prayed to God and it took time. I took time for me to realize that I'm to come to Him and pray it as if it were already so. We did. We prayed that God would do this in His time, and I'm honored to say God blessed us, and my wife is now 2 months pregnant. 

The last thing I would say that I've realized because of my new devotion to Christ and the study of my Bible is the excitement and courage to share God's love, mercy and grace with others. Let's face it, John 3:16 says He so loved the world that He gave His only Son for us, to die for us and to save us from separation from Him. That kind of love needs to be shared. As Christ said, if you deny Me before man I will deny you before the Father. I know I surely want Christ to call me a friend when I face Him in Heaven, so I better get out there and share what he has done for me now. 

Having a friend like you who is not afraid to share his love for Christ excites that same passion in me. It is great to see your love not only for Christ but for the young catholic men in our community. That you have made it your life's ministry to go out and as iron sharpens iron, sharpen the hearts and virtues of young men to be leaders in Christ in the servant/leader attitude Christ taught. Through your leadership with the SportsLeader Virtues Program, you are not only promoting change in our young men but also in the coaches that you come in contact with. We need more men of faith not afraid to say that they belong to Christ. 

Thank you Lou for bringing SportsLeader into my life. God used that tool to make me a better coach, a better husband, a better father and a better servant of Christ. 

God Bless You,


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