Creating School-Wide Change

Coach Dan Duddy of Monsignor Donovan High School in New Jersey has been a part of the SportsLeader association for many years now as a head coach but something special happened this past summer.

The local Pastor of his Church was so excited about what was going on in Dan's football program that he invited him to work full time in the school as the Pastoral Minister of Athletics bringing the virtue program to all sports at all levels.

He has been at this since September and now it is reaching well beyond sports into clubs, school wide themes, etc. Dan took the time to fly out here to the Cincinnati area a few weeks ago and presented what he is doing to two different Catholic schools in the hope that they would get excited about the idea as well - Newport Central Catholic and LaSalle.

I believe some great things are developing.

Here is an abbreviated version of the video presentation Dan gave that he and some students, teachers, chaplain, parents ... created to help spread the message.



Please forward this on and don't keep it a secret.

We can help other schools, whether public or private, make this happen and help create a culture of virtue.