Five Indicators of a Mature Man

I believe this is worth forwarding on to all of our athletes, both boys and girls.

Boys - this is what we are training them to become.

Girls - this is what you should be looking for in a man.

Five Indicators of a Mature Man By Michael Sliney, LC 

1. His top priorities are first God, then his wife, and then his kids. How many men on their death bed wished they had worked longer hours?

2. He overcomes all adversity with calm, determination and a positive spirit.

3. He recognizes his own weakness, especially in the areas of purity and kindness, and makes time for daily prayer, regular Mass and Confession. It's amazing how men can live heroic virtue with the help of God's grace.

4. He is willing to give up part of his "cave time" and free time to serve others.

5. He strives for excellence and integrity in all things, both in his professional and personal life. If he gives his word, he will get it done.