Football Teams Serving Others in Need

Two awesome examples of virtue in action - instigated by being part of a sports team, a brotherhood, a family that goes way beyond "just" the Friday night lights.

Thank you for your testimonies and your service.
Coach Jon Clark
Madison Southern High School, Berea KY
A group of 30 football players and 4 coaches went down to Laurel Co. in an effort to help clean up after these past tornados.  We spent the day in East Bernstadt cleaning up an area where a mobile home had been thrown across the road, through the trees, and down a large wooded hill.  Upon arriving, I think we all felt that there was absolutely no way we could get this area cleaned up as it was overwhelming how severe the distruction was (not to mention is was down a very large and steep wooded hillside).
These young men worked in a way that I am not only proud to have been a part of, but I am also still in awe of the accomplishment.  After 8 hours of tireless effort, the area was not only completely clean, but we had managed to pull the entire frame of the house back up the hill.  The boys even re-ran an entire barbed wire fence line to keep the horses safely away from any glass and materials that still ly in the dirt of the field.
Thanks guys for the hard work!
David Skarzynski
Wyandotte Roosevelt High School, Wyandotte MI

On Saturday I went to feed the homeless as a part of our Bear Olympics group. Although I went there for service points I realized it's not about the competition. It's about helping people who have no future, no education, no money, no home, nothing. I realized what they got to have on Saturday we take for granted. For me, and I hope for everyone else, that people will realize to come and join us. The next trip down into Detroit will be on the second Saturday of April. It is on April 10th and everyone is welcome to donate clothes, food, water, toys or just come out and help out and get to know people and their story of how they got to be where they are.