Top 5 Things Athletes Do NOT WANT in a Coach

As a follow-up to our list of things high school athletes DO WANT in a coach ... Here are the top 5 they DO NOT WANT in a coach.

1. Mean, disrespectful, yells with no purpose. Discouraging and negative, belittles players.
2. Lazy, not dedicated. They are only there for practices and games and they don't care about anything else.
3. Favoritism - Starts players not based on skill or earned hard work.
4. Not understanding or willing to listen. Unable to encourage after a loss or disappointments.
5. Arrogant and sarcastic. Makes players feel even worse after they know they made a mistake. 
Analyzing all 5 there is one virtue that stands out immediately that will get rid of most of these bad qualities pretty quick: CHARITY.
We define charity very simply as the strength to do good for others.