Top 5 Things Athletes Want in a Coach

I had the opportunity to speak with twelve athletes last week at Newport Central Catholic High School. The group consisted of 6 boys and 6 girls, all Seniors, who had played a variety of sports. I was impressed to see that their answers were all very similar. They answered the surveys individually and then we discussed their responses.

1. Just (Fair and honest) - Lets those who try their hardest and do their best play
2. A good communicator and motivator - be able to motivate each individual and the team as a group
3. Disciplinarian - can be fun but also lays down the law, strict but caring
4. Personable - Works to help all players not just some, is approachable. Helps off the field - encourages good grades, etc
5. Respectful - Has a cool head - doesn't explode at bad calls or when things do not go perfect. 
Do you and and your coaching staff live these 5 qualities - virtues?
We will share the 5 things they would NOT want in a coach later this week.