Traditions that Strengthen Family

Building traditions within teams and schools is an integral part of what we try to do at SportsLeader. It is all a part of creating/strengthening a culture of virtue that inspires everyone to be a better person.

I was honored to be a part of two of those traditions over the past few weeks at Newport Central Catholic high school with Coach Denny Barnes and his softball team.
The traditions: Father-Daughter Jersey Night and Letter to Mom.
This is a very special group of families. The young ladies, their Dads and their Moms were all very inspiring. The level of of love, sincerity and genuine care by the Dads as they told their daughters how proud of them they were and that they loved them ... it was moving.
As the Dads would speak I would look at the girls faces ... the look in their eyes was priceless. You could tell that they really appreciated hearing those things from their Dad.
At the Letter to Mom Ceremony, each of the girls wrote a letter to their Mom and then read it to her in public. Coach would call up a Mother-Daughter duo, the Mom got to sit while the daughter read the letter. I was amazed at how much effort, detail and heart the girls put into this. The Moms were of course very grateful.
Before the ceremony with the Moms, I spoke with the girls and asked them what they thought about all these events and such. In short, they loved these so much that they want another one called Letter to Dad.
I can't encourage you enough to make these traditions a part of your team ...
Here below is a testimony from one of the Dads.
Mr. Noll,

I would wish to thank you organizing such a wonderful event last night.  The father/daughter night for the girls softball team was simply the most amazing experience, other than the birth of my daughters, that I have ever had the privilege to be part of.  The outpouring of emotion from each and every father was the most incredible expression of love I have ever had the chance to witness.  From a personal standpoint, the opportunity to express the love, pride and admiration that I have for my daughter to others in a public forum was an amazing feeling for both of us.  While I know that my daughter can see, feel and experience the love I have for her, to be able to share that with others was an amazing feeling.

I also had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Judd and he expressed that this was a program that was going to be implemented throughout the school for all programs.  If there is ANYWAY I can be of assistance to promote this program please feel free to call on me.  I would be more than honored to explain to others the impact this had on myself and my daughter.

Again, thank you so very much for this program and thank you very much for giving my daughter the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful school as Newport Central Catholic.