The Epidemic of Waste

$68 million dollars?

Climate controlled lockers?
Over 400 possible football uniform combinations?
Further proof that it is never enough.
Funny how with all this money being spent on lavish athletic complexes it does not seem to be building up more virtuous men and women.
Coaches, I encourage you not to fall into this trap. Spend your time and money on things that last, that raise the maturity level of your athletes.
Virtue will help change our society. A climate controlled locker? Probably not.
Many virtues come to mind that are the opposite of all this: Moderation, Maturity, Other-Centered, Wisdom ...
Ducks to build $68 million football operations center

By Erin Egan, USA TODAY

Chip Kelly won't be hanging his head after a loss.

No, instead he'll be soaking in his brand new hot tub next to his office while watching replays of the game on his waterproofed video center.

The University of Oregon football program is constructing a lavish $68 million operations center set to open fall 2013, and head coach Kelly's hot tub viewing center is just the cherry on top.

Blueprints submitted to the city of Eugene show 124 climate controlled lockers for the football players, each outfitted with an iPod dock and a charging station. Designed by Nike's Phil Knight, the facility will also include: two movie theaters, a Duck football museum, a war room akin to the White House's, a 2,285-square-foot players lounge, and a 25,000-square-foot weight room.

From The Register-Guard:

The new football building will be top-of-the-line "pro or college, in the U.S.," according to the UO's official athletics website. The addition will push UO facilities to "outrageously impressive," according to ESPN's ranking of college facilities.

Knight has reserved the rights to name the new football complex, but he has not yet revealed what it will be.

Former University of Arizona president and expert on college sports spending Peter Likins told The Register-Guard that the new center is likely to spark a round of one-up construction in the Pac-12.

The new complex will also feature two black-metal-and-glass buildings, one to serve as a teaching box and the other an office bar, totaling 130,000 square feet. Both will be mounted on top of the weight lifting building. The office block will be connected to the teaching block -- which will have nine classrooms each dedicated to a single position -- with a double-decker sky bridge.

Knight recruited Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects to complete the project -- the same company that designed the Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes, the UO Athletics Department medical center and the Courtside student housing complex near the campus.