A Note Left on Coach's Desk

Sometimes we get to see some "light", some "fruit" of our labor. Other times not so much.

Here is an example of some light.

Lou Judd
I found this note on my desk today from a player of mine who I've been coaching and mentoring throughout the season.  As a coach it's always our hope that we are making a difference in a young athlete's life.  I wanted to share what this player wrote:
To Coach DeJoy
I love you as a coach and you are the reason why I am wearing green and gold in high school.  On the back page he shared some of his goals:
2012 Sycamore "I Will"
I am a champion
Will not make excuses
Loyalty to the team, and soon to be a legend.

Mentoring works!  Please continue to work and build these players into good men!  They need us!  Finally, embrace being a role model!  This is the reason why we do what we do!
Jim DeJoy
8th Grade Football
Sycamore Jr High School