We Need This: Victory Day

The key difference between a value and a virtue is that a value is knowing something is right and a virtue is doing it.

Service projects are excellent ways to help our athletes put the virtue of the week into action.
Victory Day is a virtue-service project started by SportsLeader Coach Aaron Segedi of Trenton High School in Trenton, Michigan. It gives children with physical and mental disabilities the opportunity to enjoy being a football player or cheerleader for the day. High School football players and cheerleaders from over 10 schools came to serve and help these young people.

Many of these schools are from the same conference and had played each other the night before. What a great testimony!

It was a very moving experience to see so much happiness, so much innocence, so much virtue!
Coach Segedi shared with me: "The Monday following Victory Day is one of my favorite days to talk to the kids. They shared so many stories about their child that they were with all day.  Our players really understood the more we share, the more we gain.  Giving back to others makes us feel good....one kid told me.  Another one said that they are fortunate to be able to play football or do "common" things so easily.  Another player said he enjoyed getting to know several players for other league teams....saw them in a different light and not just the opponent.  Very cool."

Former Head Football Coach from the University of Michigan Lloyd Carr came for a second year. You can hear his 3 minute intro speech inside the video link below.

This should be the service project of choice of all SportsLeader football teams.

We need to spread Victory Day to every State. If you would like to host a Victory Day at your school please let me know. You can call me at 859.512.2572.
Here are 2 videos I made covering Victory Day. 

The first link is to the photo slideshow and the second one is to the video clips.

If you would like to contact Coach Aaron Segedi directly his email is [email protected]

Virtue = Strength,
Lou Judd