Great Stuff All At One School

Here are three great pieces from one school - St Marys Central Catholic in Sandusky, Ohio. They have embraced SportsLeader in all of their sports throughout the entire school and they're an excellent example of how the virtue program can work with any sport.

Chris Mielke, Cross Country Coach, shares her experiences from their recent Father-Son Jersey Night. To note - this was the first ever Jersey Night for a Cross Country team in the state of Ohio.
Makenna Myers, a tennis player, shares how important her coach is in her life and how much she values the mentoring she has received over the years.
Ayden Opfer, a football player, shares another poster he made to highlight the virtue of the week.
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    I just wanted to give you an update about our Father-Son Night last evening.  We were very apprehensive going into the evening because it was the first time we have ever done anything like this before.  All of our father's showed up with their sons and we shared a nice meal together.  We sent the boys out while we explained to the dads what we wanted them to do.  Looking out at them was like looking at deer in headlights.  We had talked to one of our fathers ahead of time, like you suggested, so I casually said that one of the father's had volunteered to go first.  Another father jumps in and says "I'll go first".  From that moment on there was no hesitation from any of the fathers.  
    We asked each of the boys to introduce their dad to their teammates before the dads spoke.  This turned into a mini tribute from the sons to the dads.  The evening was a smashing success and we are so glad that we did it.  As they were leaving I said to one of the dads that I thought the evening would be something that the boys would remember for a long time.  His comment; "This is an evening I will remember for a very long time, thank you".
    So next Wednesday is our evening with the girls and their fathers.  We will enter this with less trepidation and hope for similar results.  Our girls’ team has become extremely close and has embraced the Sports Leadership program.  At a practice last week when our virtue was strong willed they asked to run extra mileage because they are a team made up of a strong will.  They have had a difficult couple of weeks of practice as we gear up for the climax of our season and they have taken what they have gleaned from the program to herald them on.  
        Wish us luck on Wednesday.  Thanks for your support.
Testimony from Makenna Myers, Senior Tennis Player
There are many people in my life that have helped me become the person I am today. One person is my tennis coach, Coach Inga. The first time I met her it was the end of my freshman year at an after school meeting for the upcoming tennis season. There was something about her cheery smile, and her soft voice that naturally drew me to her. I was excited to begin this new season. At the meeting she wanted to know what we thought about this new season, what we expected for ourselves, and our team. Then she told us what she expected from us and how we were going to meet these goals. She set up so many great opportunities for us, my favorite had to be boot camp. Not only was Coach Inga encouraging throughout the extremely long hour, she did the workout, too! 

Coach Inga has taught me multiple things from how to be a better player, to how to become a better person.  I am a very visual person, if I can see it, I can do it. Coach Inga figured this out and helps me by strengthening my visualizing ability. During practice she will give me scenarios that I will have to play out points against. Sometimes she goes as far as telling us the exact score of the pretend match, where the people are, and then the strategy she wants us to try. This simple drill has not only helped me with my tennis game, it has also helped me to see how things like this will help me throughout life. This drill taught me how to take the time and help people in the most beneficial way. It doesn’t matter if it has to be said one hundred times; as long as it’s helping someone the amount of times it has to be said doesn’t matter. 

One thing that Coach Inga always does is smile. She has such a positive attitude on everything; it’s rubbed off on me. Going to practice every day and seeing her smiley face at the courts always changes my mood and I wanted other people to feel this way. I made it my mission one season to change my attitude on and off the court. I welcomed everyone with a smile, and I tried to keep my attitude positive while playing. I noticed an immediate change in myself, and everyone around me. By changing my habits I noticed more and more positive things about Coach Inga. She can strike up a conversation with anyone; seeing how she interacts with people is amazing to me, she just radiates confidence and charisma! By listening to her past experiences in life it’s no wonder to me how she got where she is today. She is a genuinely wonderful person who truly cares about everyone. Every day I think about how to better myself as a person, Coach Inga is always the example. 
Another poster by Ayden Opfer