I Know You Are Watching Over Me, Mom

The more I am blessed to be a small part of these life-changing ceremonies, the more passionate I am about spreading this to every team across our world.

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Virtue = Strength,
Lou Judd
After our first-ever “Father/Son Jersey” night before our first football game several weeks ago, last night Head Coach Todd Winter led our first-ever “Letter-to-Mom” night.  To say that it was an incredible experience to be a part of would be a bit of an under-statement.  
The letters, the expressions on Mom’s faces, the hugs were all to some extent expected and politely applauded….…that is until Coach Winter called Evan Montalbano. 
Evan, an under-sized junior special teams player, is in his first year of football and having a great experience while learning the game.  Having coached him last year on our varsity golf team I assessed that he was really trying to find his place in high school athletics.  
Evan’s mother lost her life in a freak accident approximately 3 years ago so he calmly rose from his seat and came to the front of his teammates and mothers with his grandmother at his side.  You could have heard a pin drop as he shuffled his feet gathering himself.  
He then began to read his letter to his deceased mother as if she was standing by his side.  It was a moving experience that his teammates could hardly imagine doing.  As you can guess, there were many tears shed as this scene of bravery was happening right before our eyes.  
When Evan finished telling his Mom that he knew that she was watching over him, the scene erupted with a standing ovation.  Hard to imagine by all was the poise and sincerity with which he spoke.  Evan grew immensely last night, as did his teammates in their display of love and respect for his bravery.
Though many young teenage boys project a sense of self-absorption and macho these days, observing some in an environment of love and respect for a teammate was nothing short of priceless.
Tom Palmer
Athletic Director
Pinecrest Academy
Cumming, GA