The Banquet

As our fall sports seasons come to an end ... hopefully not quite for most (smile) ...

And you begin to think about your awards banquet ... a SportsLeader tradition we encourage every coach to put into place is a personal letter from every mentor-coach to each player they mentored.
Think about it ... did you receive a letter from one of your coaches? I never did but I can assure you if I had, I would still have it 20-30 years later.
You are one of the most influential people in each one of those player's lives.
But make sure you do this as an entire coaching staff.
There was one team where the head coach encouraged all his assistants to write the letters ... 4 coaches did it and 4 coaches thought that kids wouldn't appreciate it and blew it off.
During the awards banquet the coaches who wrote the letters little by little are passing them out to the young men they mentored all season. Guys are opening them up, welling up in tears, exchanging hugs with their mentor coach ...
Toward the end of the evening a number of players approached the coaches table and asked their mentor coach if he had a letter for them ... the 4 coaches just looked down in silence.
The head coach called me afterwards and told me that was one of the most humiliating and painful moments in his coaching career.
Longer story much shorter - the 4 coaches wrote their letters that night after the banquet ... 
And just in case you did not see it yet, below is a link to a less than 2 minute post game speech from the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts after their win yesterday. He is suffering from leukemia. Just watch. Enough said.

Virtue = Strength,
Lou Judd