Virtue Camp

I was blessed to be a part of two different Virtue Camps last week. One with the Lloyd Memorial Boys basketball team and one with the Girls basketball team.

The boys team camp was held at Camp River Ridge while the girls one was held at the school.
The main objectives of Virtue Camp are to give the players the opportunity to get to know one another more personally, review the past season, set some goals for the present and establish a team motto.
Another benefit of Virtue Camp, especially if it is held off campus, is that you can give your players some new experiences.
Many of the Lloyd players had not been camping before so all the of "wildness" of the great outdoors was new to them and I would think provide them with some great memories. As the boys arrived one of the first activities was to put together the cots they would be sleeping on. The first question I got, "What's a cot?" I knew we were going to learn a lot that weekend.
Building a bonfire, cooking your own dinner, learning tons of things about your teammates ... even weathering the storm of a wild turkey (smile) - all tied together in the atmosphere of the team - the basketball family.
I hope that all of you will consider making Virtue Camp a permanent fixture within your programs.

Virtue = Strength,
Lou Judd