Virtuous Leadership

Another great example of sports building leaders.

The Eminence Warriors football team finished the season at 7-3 and were 2 plays away from being 9-1 (they lost 2 games on the last play of the game). This having about 20 healthy players or less each week.

The took the time to do this service project in-season.
Coach Steve Frommeyer and his lovely wife Jennifer are to be commended for their constant and self-less dedication to helping others.
Our country urgently needs VIRTUOUS LEADERSHIP.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd


Helping dreams take flight

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 4:56am — Greg Woods

Warriors share a day with disabled adults
Author: Greg Woods

While many students were using fall break to catch up on their sleep or playing video games incessantly, the Eminence Warriors football team was helping a group of people to better the quality of their life. At the same time, the Warriors were learning some great life lessons.

On Oct. 17 the Warriors traveled to Louisville to spend the day with a group of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the Dreams with Wings program. The Warriors went bowling with the group at Ten Pin Lanes, had lunch with them, and then went to one of the apartment residences provided by Dreams With Wings and mulched the landscaping around the building.

According to their website, Dreams With Wings is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they recognize their strengths, contribute to their community and pursue their dreams.

The executive director of DWW is Jenifer Frommeyer, wife of EHS football coach Steve Frommeyer. The organization was founded in 2000 by a group of seven people who were concerned about the quality of life for those with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and autism.

The group supports 10 residential homes, five apartment buildings and runs the Dreams With Wings day program, summer camps for children and other employment and support programs. They serve about 180 individuals from childhood to senior adult.

Two former Warriors, Ricky Payton and Brian Watts, who work for DWW, coordinated the day’s events.

According to Jenifer Frommeyer, Watts felt that the events benefited the players as much as it did the DWW participants.

Warrior Cornelius Sanford agreed. “It was a great experience and a lesson within itself,” he said. “They taught me that even though there is going to be adversity in your life, accept it and move on. They were born with a large-scale adversity and yet are enjoying life to the fullest, so why should I complain about my adversities that are nowhere near the level of theirs.”

Sanford and his teammates were also surprised at the skill level of some of the participants. “The bowling was very fun,” he said. “My guy Corey, did surprise me. In fact, he beat my group of bowlers by a large amount.”

Hayden Hoofman said, “Bowling was awesome. The football team and I had a great time. Their ability to bowl was crazy, especially Coach Frommeyer’s son! He’s really talented.”

Hoofman added, “I think it was fun to mulch their landscape. You should have seen the face on the man who’s house it was. It was a real blessing to do that. I believe it would be a great opportunity to do something like this again. If the offer came up, I would definitely take it.”

Some Warriors saw another benefit to the activities. “It brought us closer as a family,” Daishon Moore said.

Ben Smith agreed. “It was a great team building activity which accomplished a great purpose all the while helping our team and the members of Dreams With Wings.”

Jenifer Frommeyer said, “The football players were surprised at how well some of our folks could bowl. For some of the players it was the first time they had been involved with an individual with a disability. When they mulched the landscaping the players did something in 30 minutes that would have taken us 3 hours to do. Our folks loved the day and wanted to know when we could do it again!

“The team is involved in SportsLeader in their quest to develop young men in both character and leadership and encourages them to give back as well. The team seemed very at home in working with our folks. They were willing to ask questions, engage in conversation and enjoy being together.

Being the wife of a football coach for so many years, I know there is so much more to playing football than the game. Underlying are the aspects of learning to be a team member, working together, supporting each other, and most importantly at Eminence, developing into a man of character and carrying the things they have learned into their future life.”

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