Welcome to the Family


This past weekend, my brother and sister-in-law baptized their new son, Andrew, officially adding him to theirs and God's family. No matter your specific faith belief in baptism, it was a great and joyful event. What a way of celebrating life! Uncles and aunts were there. Grandparents were there. Just the fact that the local church community was there to witness the event and welcome a new addition to the family was noteworthy.


Myself and Amanda(the mother's sister) were invited to be god-parents and participate in the baptism as well. What an honor and privilege! But also what a responsibility. So many times we are put in positions of authority or responsibility and we don't realize the service required; whether, getting a new job at work, getting a promotion, or just being asked to do more at the local church or school. But last Sunday, we realized the new responsibility we were given to help "bring up" baby Andrew.....it was awesome but scary at the same time.


So many times, coaches of all levels, full-time or part-time, volunteer, etc...are expected to take kids, and parents alike and welcome them into the "family". Sometimes it is an easy transition, sometimes it is not. Most times getting 50 or 60 people rowing in the same direction, being of one heart and one mind is a minor miracle! But to be successful, it is what coaches are called to do... no matter how difficult it may be.


We at SportsLeader urge all members of the team to celebrate the new life of a new team. Welcome the new players, the new coaches, the new parents, the veteran players, the veteran coaches and parents as well. Celebrate the talents everybody brings to the table, and celebrate the human flaws(we all have them!) everybody brings to the table as well.

DSC_0504 2

Because, ultimately, none of us are perfect. Celebrating the team and succeeding despite those many flaws and conflicts between "teammates" is called life. But being "on the team" is something to celebrate no matter what. And this is whether it's a sports team, or a new, bigger and better family in Seattle!