A Special Ceremony to Honor Mom

SportsLeader focuses on three main things: Virtue, Mentoring and Ceremonies. One of the ceremonies we encourage teams to install is called Letters to Mom.

The objective is to help our young people express their love, gratitude and appreciation for their Mom's and other important women in their lives.
The Cincinnati St Xavier Wrestling team celebrated this recently and I was blessed to be in attendance. Below is one of the letters a young man wrote, a Junior in High School, and another is a note from one of the Moms after the experience. I hope these give you "an inside view" of the power and beauty of this event.
And congratulations to the St Xavier wrestlers and their coaches for making it to the team regional final. Interestingly, they will face another SportsLeader wrestling team in Moeller High School. Congrats to both teams!
Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd
Dear Mom,
I love you!
For sharing your wisdom and understanding of our God and our Faith ... for pushing me to develop spiritually as a man of God ... for reminding me to always be humble ...
I love you!
For pushing me to grow intellectually... for teaching me about the world and about people when I was young... for sending me to the best schools where I have the best opportunity for growth and development ...
I love you!
For being my number one fan... for pushing me to achieve excellence and man-up (especially during long car rides home while I was in tears... for giving me internal fortitude...
I love you!
For encouraging me all the time with your wonderful abounding enthusiasm... for cooking delicious food... for putting up with my ego and keeping me down-to-earth... for showing me how to be chivalrous and treat women...
I love you!
Though I know I never can, I hope that one day I will find a girl who possesses half these qualities which make you the most amazing woman in my life. I am so lucky God made you my Mom! I love you!
“And Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart” Luke 2:19

What a gift all mothers have been given in Mary!  She is the perfect role model.  I think of her often, and have sought her guidance too many times to count since becoming a mother myself.  I have gratefully pondered many moments in my heart…  The moment I found out God planned to bring a new life into the world, the miracle of birth, first words, teeth, and first steps, hugs and kisses, snuggles, smiles and laughter, first days of school, and time spent simply being a family.  As my children have grown older, and life “busier”, I’m guilty of pondering less and less.  Last Monday I was given the opportunity to change that.

Coach McDonald sent out a vague email to the moms of St. Xavier wrestlers inviting them to a “Mom’s Night” on Monday January 28th.  The only thing specified in the email was to meet in the chapel at 6:00pm.  Naturally, I asked my sons for more details about this secretive event.   However, to add to my suspense, they gave away nothing.   

Happy to attend a wrestling activity that didn’t involve take downs, headlocks, black eyes, and bloody noses, I eagerly arrived in the chapel not knowing what to expect.  In the chapel sat 60 or so young men patiently waiting for the arrival of their mothers (grandmothers/aunts).  Each wrestler held in his hand a letter he had prepared to read.  One by one each son presented his mom with a flower and read his letter aloud as she took her turn sitting in the “seat of honor”, humbly soaking in her son’s words…pondering them in her heart.  It was beautiful to witness the genuine words of all of the wrestlers, words  that otherwise might not be spoken if not for this opportunity.  

I left that night full of gratitude.  Grateful to Coach McDonald and the St. Xavier coaching staff for their time and  effort  they put into making the night so special.  More importantly, for helping to form my sons into not only good wrestlers, but good men.  Grateful to my sons for being the wonderful young men that they are, and for honoring the vocation of motherhood.  Grateful to God for blessing me with that gift! 

-Kim Heyob

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put into that action.” -Mother Teresa