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REMINDER: SportsLeader Coaches Clinic this coming Saturday March 16 in Wyandotte, MI.


Tyler Hamilton is a SportsLeader graduate from Wyandotte, MI. He is currently double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University while playing football and holding down a job as well ... in other words he is really busy. Just like most of us.

I heard an interesting phrase once, "If you want something done, ask someone who is already busy."

Tyler and I have developed a pretty good relationship over the past few years and when I came into contact recently with a football player suffering from diabetes, I immediately thought of him. Tyler was diagnosed with diabetes as a Senior in high school. Not the best news in the world but he has taken it admirably.

My hope was that maybe Tyler and this young man could speak, develop a relationship, help one another if you will ... This has been a great hope here at SportsLeader to create this network of coaches and athletes who care about the most important things in life ... that one day, we will have this giant family constantly finding new ways of helping one another.

Wyandotte Victory Day

Giving true life to the saying ... Compete on the field but Brothers off of it. But really, not just saying it.

Tyler's response, "I would certainly call him! Probaby tomorrow during the day I will call. I totally understand where he is coming from. Its some of the most frustrating things that come with it. I am still fighting the same battle he is. Thank you!"

Tyler will be sharing his testimony at the coaches clinic this Saturday.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd