Championship Athletes NEED Coaches and Parents!


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Two SportsLeader wrestling programs celebrated individual state champions at the Ohio High School Athletic Association's(OHSAA) State Wrestling Championships held in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend. Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller had two champions, Dakota Sizemore(jr.) at 160 lbs. and Chalmer Frueauf(jr.) at 220 lbs. and Columbus Bishop Ready High School crowned its champion at heavyweight, Patrik Garren.


Moeller Head Coach, Jeff Gaier(the young one in the middle) implemented SportsLeader about five years ago with his wrestling team at Moeller. He started slow, starting with a virtue of the week. And with each year, he has done a little bit more helping his wrestlers do virtue better. By this year, Jeff had put into place; weekly virtues, virtuous athletes of the week, chapel services(with wrestlers sharing their accomplishments in virtue for the week), coach/athlete mentoring and Father/Son Singlet Night.


Bishop Ready Head Coach, James Yonushonis(the one with the tie) is in his first year as Bishop Ready wrestling coach. James was an 2006 All-American wrestler and captain his senior year at Penn State. When Coach Yonushonis got the wrestling job at Bishop Ready, he knew he wanted to do something special for his guys at Ready, most importantly, adding a spirituality for his team that was tangible. SL helped and James decided on combining morning chapel services and virtue talks to show the connection between God, life and wrestling. Looks like his first year was a success!


By no means, do we want to insinuate that if coaches implement SportsLeader they will win state championships. There are so many elements needed to be crowned a State Champion; including talent, parental support, strong school administration, etc...not to mention, luck. However, without a doubt, VIRTUE IS ONE of those elements. Players, coaches and parents need to embrace the TEAM. And embracing the team requires improvements in love, commitment, honesty, courage, sacrifice, etc.. We, at SportsLeader help teams implement ways to get more "TEAM"....So championships might be more of a reality.


Without a doubt, athletes such as Dakota, Chalmer and Patrik are craving for expert guidance in the specifics of their particular sport. They want to know about nutrition, chances for earning athletic scholarships, and how to be as strong and fast as possible. But as coaches and parents, we cannot be ignorant to the human skills that our young people so desperately want and need as well.


There IS something we can do to help the crisis of character in sport! We can form and build our youth! We can form and build our youth through virtue, intentional mentoring, ceremony,and making and achieving resolutions to be GREAT. Tragically, it seems this has become a lost art. But I KNOW us adults care enough to reclaim what has been lost. We CAN improve our children's chances to be champions; whether that be state wrestling champions, Olympic wrestling champions or plain champion husband and wives. Join SportsLeader in making a difference for our youth!