Climb a Mountain with SportsLeader!


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"Climbing a mountain is no big deal!" I told my close friend and fellow teacher/coach back in the fall of 2005, when he suggested climbing Mt. Le Conte, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So we borrowed a backpack, climbed the mountain in early December(the last two hours in pitch black/with ice on the trails), spent the night in a lean-to in sub-freezing temps and hiked down the next morning, 15 miles traveled in total.

Boy, was I wrong! Climbing a mountain WAS a big deal, both arduous and exhilarating at the same time....... Makes me want to do it AGAIN!


Since that first mountain climb back in 2005, I have returned to do battle with Mt. Le Conte two other times. In 2007, I lied to four of my closest friends, Craig Filipkowski, Kevin Jones, Jason Laine and Noel Rash that the climb would be easy, and I don't think Noel (Beechwood High, KY football coach and dear friend) has ever forgiven me!

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In 2010 I took my senior wrestlers, my 10 year old son, Alec and a GUIDE! It served as a senior trip for my senior wrestlers at Winton Woods H.S. and it was an experience we will never forget, especially since we discovered two feet of snow on the trail half-way up the mountain. To turn back would have been cowardly so we pushed forward and conquered the mountain...and ourselves!


On Friday, April 12th, myself and my now 13-year old son, Alec, will make the Mount Le Conte climb again. We are extending invitations to anybody that would like to join us; fathers and sons, young coaches, older coaches, friends of coaches, athletes that you coach etc... We'd like to start the tradition of a SportsLeader spring hike to get away from it all and do battle with nature. But let me give you a word of not be naive like me back in 2004, the hike WILL BE strenuous; it will BE a challenge. Make sure you prepare...15-20 miles hiking up and down a mountain is no I have discovered three times!


Whether you can attend our climb in April, or not... SportsLeader URGES you to climb the mountains in YOUR life. Creating and fostering family, especially in today's society is a mountainous endeavor. Getting team members to buy-in and TO GIVE completely to the team is like moving mountains. Forgiving people that have hurt you may be the hardest hike you can ever do.


But in every climb up the mountain we make....we are rewarded with a view we can get in no other place. Don't tell me you don't dream of that view...the view from the top! Each and every one of us also is longing for that "mountain-top experience", where God speaks to our soul, where something we cherish is revealed to us. I know I long for these moments. BUT they don't happen if we are not willing to climb the mountain! Get yourself into shape, physically, mentally and spiritually, pray for gifts of the Spirit, like courage and determination and ATTACK your mountain! Believe me, it was what we were made for.