Virtue = Strength


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It is truly awesome to be associated with such great men and women ... I'm talking to each of you receiving this, and especially the author of the testimonial here below, Kevin Cicak.

May we never tire of teaching our young people that Virtue = Strength!

Lou Judd 

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The Lady Saints from St. Theresa held our Letters to Moms ceremony tonight. On the cusp of our upcoming Diocesan tournament, it was the perfect time to gather and celebrate our moms and the journey we've taken this season as we've lived the theme Virtue = Strength.

Wow! What a powerful experience. Two of the women on our coaching staff had their mothers in attendance and they led off the night.

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This was especially touching for Coach Tammi Jones and her mother Bobbi, who had just buried their beloved father and husband Frank, only nine days ago. Our team rallied around the family at the viewing, paying our respects and providing loving support and prayers for Frank's loved ones.


After the coaches presented their mothers with roses and loving comments, there then followed thirteen players who poignantly told their own mothers just how special and loved they are.

These 13 and 14 year old girls never cease to impress and amaze me. There were tears, there was laughter, and there were hugs all around as the players expressed their true feelings without holding anything back.

Buoyed by the examples of their coaches, the girls not only read from their prepared letters but they added comments from the heart. Some spoke about the struggles between a mother and a teenage daughter. Some recognized their mother as truly their best friend. All thanked their mothers for their sacrifices and their hard work, grateful for all their efforts on behalf of the family.

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Watching these young ladies work through their emotions, convey their thoughts in well spoken prose, and bring home the important points of love and affirmation, I can do nothing less than marvel at their growth in maturity since last September.

When I speak to coaches and parents about the Sports Leader program, I always brag on these kids and about how they took to the Virtue concepts like water to a sponge. There's a hunger in our young people and if we can fill that void with the right things, they will be stronger and better men and women in the years to come.

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If we can help fan that flame that the Holy Spirit places within each one of them, we will have met a much higher calling than just simply teaching the skills of our chosen sports. Sports Leader provides a tremendous platform for launching this effort.

Your ideas and suggestions have made a huge difference in our approach to coaching the "whole" player and for that, I will be be forever grateful to you, Lou.

May God continue to bless your ministry to our young athletes and keep you safe in your travels and you spread the Word through sports.

Kevin Cicak 
Head Coach 
St. Theresa Lady Saints 
New Cumberland, PA