I was blessed to be a part of the Cincinnati St Xavier High School baseball father son jersey ceremony last night.

As always, it was an extremely powerful and emotional evening that brought the team closer, families closer.

One of the young men on the team was the personification of the virtue of perseverance. We define perseverance as the strength to never quit despite failures and difficulties.

He came out for the the Freshmen team four years ago and was cut. He tried again his Sophomore year and was cut again. Surely he would make it his junior year but he was cut a third time. After all that he worked even harder and he valiantly gave it one more try this final and Senior year.

He made the team. We think all of Cincinnati heard his cry of celebration a few days ago.

When his Dad presented him with that varsity jersey last night, the pride, the honor, the absolute love that was pouring out in that room was breathtaking.

Yet another example of how sports can bring out the best in us.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd