The dictionary defines camaraderie as: Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

Example: A genuine camaraderie on the football team.

Sandusky Camaraderie

We all want it on our teams and our coaching staffs but many times the business of life gets in the way.

How about passing out a questionnaire to all your coaches to collect some more personal information to get to know one another better?

We have an excellent questionnaire for players and another for coaches.

Here below are four sample questions. If you'd like the rest, just respond to this email and I'll send you the pdf file free of charge.

Wyandotte coaches
  1. Were YOU ever mentored intentionally by a coach or relative/family member? Explain the circumstances if so.

  2. Explain the best mentoring relationship as a coach you’ve ever had with a player or relative/family member. What made it so memorable?

  3. What is the greatest accomplishment/memory you’ve experienced as a player or coach?

  4. In your opinion, what would you consider a successful season for you and/or this team, this season?

Never Settle!

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