We define Toughness in our coaches manual as, "The strength to work hard and to work smart always motivated by a cause."

I had an inspiring conversation with a friend recently while playing darts in his garage (if you must know he won - smile).


He has a 16 year old son who just "went through" a dating experience. My oldest son is 10 so I have not had this "honor" as of yet in my young parenting life.

He was not crazy about the idea of letting his son date … They met at youth group, things started off well, had some rocky moments and then came to a crashing end. Possibly not unlike many youthful dating experiences.

Weeks later the son opened up about some details he had not previously shared about the experience … that things got "unexpectedly passionate" at certain points, that he was severely tempted, that she was not as serious about waiting for marriage as he was, etc.

Even more unexpected was the phrase that came forth next, "You were right, Dad. Once passion sets in it is very hard to think straight. But I'm glad I've listened to everything you've taught me and I'm glad I said no and put an end to it even though it was really hard."

Needless to say my friend was supremely proud of his son and let him know it.

This young man was TOUGH. In our world of almost overwhelming sensuality, constant sexual innuendo, and the "if it feels good do it" guiding principle of life … it is truly TOUGH to live a life of purity and chastity, saving oneself for marriage.

This young man was motivated by a cause that he had been taught by his family, his coaches, his teachers ... a cause that he has now made his own.

This toughness is not taught or celebrated on our sports teams very often. Biceps, comebacks, and dealing with pain are celebrated.

Let's celebrate the honor and glory of leading a chaste life. Let's honor our young men and women, letting them know that they are TOUGH and that we are proud of them for not rolling over and giving up every time temptation knocks … and lets encourage them to also be tough and start over if they fall.

Virtue = Strength, Lou 
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