Above and Beyond



A friend of mine sent me an email about this recently and I thought it was worth sharing. It speaks to so many virtues such as commitment, toughness, courage, dedication …

I believe this is worth sharing with our athletes because it is a very powerful image on so many different levels:

  1. The sheer number of those who gave their lives.
  2. The tremendous creativity and patience to design a display like this.
  3. We are a part of something so much greater than ourselves.

May we always be thankful for the virtuous service so many men and women have dedicated their lives to protecting and helping us.

Virtue = Strength, Lou 
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A dog tag is the informal name for the identification tags worn by military personnel, named such as it bears resemblance to actual dog tags. The tag is primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded and essential basic medical information for the treatment of the latter, such as blood type and history of inoculations, along with providing religious preference.

This is a sight you have probably never seen. This is a rare and beautiful memorial to our veterans who were killed in the Vietnam War. It hangs in the National Veteran's Art Museum, Chicago, Illinois.

When visitors first enter the museum, they will hear a sound like wind chimes coming from above them and their attention will be drawn upward 24 feet to the ceiling of the two-story high atrium.


Dog tags of the more than 58,000 service men and women who died in the Vietnam War hang from the ceiling of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010. The 10-by-40-foot sculpture, entitled Above and Beyond, was designed by Ned Broderick and Richard Stein.

The tens of thousands of metal dog tags are suspended 24 feet in the air, 1 inch apart, from fine lines that allow them to move and chime with shifting air currents. Museum employees using a kiosk and laser pointer help visitors locate the exact dog tag with the imprinted name of their lost friend or relative.