Altar Server with a Walker



I recently was at Church and was inspired by a young man who was an altar server.

His name is Josh and he is 15 years old.


He lives in the Walton-Verona KY area and was serving Mass at the Basilica in Covington, KY, which is 20 miles from his home.

Josh has quite a few physical limitations. He needs the help of a walker.

I'm not sure of this but the Basilica may be the only Church in the area where the altar is totally accessible to someone in need of a walker.



I confess that I was quite "distracted" by Josh, hopefully in a good way. To put it bluntly I was moved for most of the Mass.

The way this young man served … the joy on his face, the ardor with which he sang, the reverence of his bows, the look in his eyes … it is rare to see such fervor in an altar server much less a 15 year old.

It is not every day that you get to see someone pouring their whole heart and soul into something they love and doing it so well.

And when you do, you know you are witnessing something truly special. It is beautiful, it is art.


I spoke with him afterwards and as one would expect, he is humble, un-assuming, and instantly kind and caring. He is all HEART.

I would encourage you to print out Josh's photo and save it for "that day."

The day when our physically gifted athletes, or maybe even ourselves, do not want to use their gifts … when they are sluggish, lazy, half-hearted. When we take our gifts for granted.

Remind them and ourselves of this young man who gives everything he has. Some may not think he has "much to offer."

Those some are wrong.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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