Breathe LIFE into YOUR players...TODAY!!


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Head Coach: "Don't forget assistant coaches, you have to sign up for CPR and First Aid before the season or you can't coach this year." 
Assistant Coaches: "Oww Man! We have to do that again?! I've done CPR training, I don't know how many times!" 
Head Coach: That might be so, but you still have to be CPR and First Aid licensed every few years, so make sure you get it done! 
Assistant Coach #1: "I wonder how many rescue breathes we'll have to do this year? It seems like they change it every year!" 
Assistant Coach #2: "I don't know, I just hope they don't forget the CPR dummies and the mouthpieces, so you won't have to practice on me!"


One of the best-known verses in the Bible is Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living soul.” This famous reference sets a precedent in the relationship between God and man right from the beginning. In fact, references to breath or breathing are frequent in the Bible, with many allusions to God as the giver of breath (and life). God realized He had to constantly give life and renew that life throughout history, whether through Himself as Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Maybe, because us humans are in need of this CPR rescue so regularly. How about that, the original CPR Master, was(is) God Himself!


What a relief knowing God Himself, is ready to breathe life into me in times of distress! For me, this has often been the case. So many times, I've been brought down to the canvas, knocked unconscious by life, so depressed I cannot even think. It could be a credit card bill, a wayward child, an illness/injury or realizing that I'm human and prone to be inadequate....often! But then, (more times than I can count!) God comes, positions himself over me and begins rescue breathing. "Chris, I love you!" "Chris, hang in there!" Chris, you underestimate me and my help." "Chris, this is all meant for your good(holiness).


The news reminds us every day that our young people, are facing many of the same challenges us adults are dealing with. Probably more,.......with even less resources to do anything about it! This is all the reason more why all coaches should be trained in the art of "rescue breathing" not only for the obvious potential medical emergencies that can occur to our athletes but maybe for even more potent dangers..... like the typical life of a teenager.


Doubts and fears are in many cases the more frequent companion of the typical teenager. "Why aren't I good enough to get a scholarship? "I need more money to do the things I want!" "Why didn't my friends include me to go to the party?" "I don't measure up, and nobody even cares!" And when these doubts and fears are not addressed, the hole our youth are in, only deepens. Why don't they ask for help, we may ask? When is the last time, you asked somebody to help you, so they can see how weak you are? Not to mention, for so many teens, adults just don't seem to understand and what is worse, they are also too busy to care, going to the casino, playing golf, and entertaining themselves in their "adult" world.


Let's snap out of it, people! We must make it a priority to enter into the world of our youth, EVERY DAY! Coaches, let's get in the habit of doing rescue breathing EVERY DAY! And we just cannot afford to start that rescue breathing after the injury has already happened, after the kid has collapsed and is not breathing. Breathe life into them, every day. Give them so much oxygen to breathe that they don't get knocked unconscious by life. And if tragedy does happen,(as it inevitably does!)and our kids do get knocked unconscious,let's be assured we've given our kids so much "breath", that they CAN survive.


Breathing life into somebody can take many forms. And you don't have to stress about, "Is it 2 rescue breathes and 30 chest compressions or 30 rescue breathes and 2 chest compressions?" It is as simple as being present to your players. It's as simple as NOTICING THEM! It's as simple as taking the time to learn something about them. Our kids are dying for us to notice them, to affirm them and be available to them. With that being the case, we all need to brush up on our CPR and First Aid, and start using our rescue breathing TODAY!