Initiative and The Circle of Virtue



Initiative - The strength to act or take charge before others do.

In other words: Propose, get things done, take some leadership, doing without having to be asked …


L to R: Ben Heyob, Dakota Stephens and Joe Heyob

Ben Heyob, his older brother Joe and teammate Dakota Stephens led a wrestling clinic for beginners a few months back.

Heyob Wrestling Clinic

The cool thing about it was the fact that it was totally on them.

The idea, the promotion, the "getting it done", all the details, etc. All them.


They are among the three best wrestlers on the Cincinnati St Xavier team.

My son was able to benefit from their generous initiative and we had a blast.

Not only did they want to teach wrestling, they wanted to teach the kids about virtue as well.

Circle of Virtue

SportsLeader has what we call "The Circle of Virtue". It is how we progress …


First we have to know about something. Then we have to internalize it and value it for ourselves, we make it our own.

Then we have to act on that value, we have to live it, make it come to life.


The culmination is when we transmit it to others, when we teach others how to know, value, live and transmit that virtue.

Ben, Joe and Dakota did just that with this clinic.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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Hi Mr. Judd!

I have a wrestling camp this Saturday, April 27th at St. Xavier and I was planning on incorporating Sports Leader into it. I was wondering if you would like to come and speak during the camp? If you could that would be awesome! The camp is focused around beginner grades 1-8. It's one day and I would like it if you came during lunch, so around 12:00.

Thanks and God Bless!

Ben Heyob