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We are blessed to have men and women who support SportsLeader from all over the USA and Canada. Each person and their family have a passion for sports, virtue and the transformation of society.

In this collection we have Buckeyes, Cardinals, Spartans … we welcome all.

We'd like to share some of that passion and enthusiasm from one of our generous benefactors who happens to be a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Beau Bennett.

Beau has been a great friend and supporter for a number of years. I was blessed to stay at his home a few weeks ago when I visited the Bayou.

During my visit, I had a poor attempt at humor when I offered a fist bump to one of Beau's young sons saying, "Roll Tide." His son, properly instructed since birth, left my fist hanging and gave me a look of pity and concern. If not for my longtime friendship with Beau I probably would have been escorted outside of state lines.

Beau and his Dad have a land and mineral company. They manage the land, which includes granting easements, oil and gas leases, selling water and caliche to oil & gas exploration companies, and a number of other things that come up here and there.

Beau was gracious enough to share some photos of his younger years when he wore his love for his Tigers literally on his sleeve.

Over the course of his four years as a student at LSU he made it almost every single LSU football game home and away. And yes, he dressed up for the away games as well!

Thank you Beau, for your enthusiastic support. We appreciate you.


Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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The first one has me on the left as Uncle Sam and Lindsey, my future bride to be, next to me as Raggedy Anne, then three roommates of mine.

Image 2

Sharing the fun!

Image 1

In this next one I am in Super Man (my original costume so it has place of honor for me), and I send this picture because the guy to my left kissing his massive biceps Nathan Torrey, who is currently a seminarian studying to be a priest - probably about 3 or 4 years away from ordination :)

Image 6

Next I'm in LSU Elvis - that was before the UGA game in our national championship year, that game contained my greatest moment as a fan, I'll tell you about it one day. A certain LSU head coach at the time spoke at times after that game that year and several years later about it being one of the most critical moments in the season. And Mark Richt said years later that was the loudest moment he'd ever heard a stadium in his life.

Image 7

Next is me doing morning prayers after getting out of bed on GAMEDAY :)

Image 4

The last one is a group of us who went to the SEC Championship game in our 2003 national championship season, slept outside of a church where we went to Mass on Saturday morning before we changed into our costumes and helped out at the soup kitchen prior to other pregame activities - that whole group was from the Catholic student center on campus. (I'm in Elvis and Lindsey is wearing my Superman costume - we weren't dating yet.)