What is YOUR Source of Strength?


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How are you strong? 
Can you bench press 405 lbs.? Can you dunk? Can you throw a 90 mph fastball?

How are you strong? 
Did you get a 30+ on your ACT? Were you Academic All-American? 4.0 GPA?

How are you strong? 
Do you stay "alive" when you don't get the scholarship? When you're child is born with a disability? When you don't make the money, your friends do?

Maybe, the bigger question is WHERE did you go to get that STRENGTH? Obviously, you weren't born that way. How have you become strong? And if you are weak in any of these areas(or any other area for that matter) do you know WHERE to go to become strong?


Head Football Coach, Jim Hilvert, at Thomas More College(DIII) in northern Kentucky asks his football players these questions every day. He knows he needs strong young men to play football well. He also knows that unless you foster that strength, it will disappear. And unless the collegiate athlete knows WHERE to get that strength(when the coach is not around), he or she is destined for failure, in their college career AND in life AFTER college.


In years past, the "team" was the source of strength for all team members, whatever the sport or the season. You owed something to the team, just being on it....and more often than not, your commitment was rewarded with a bond and a sense of belonging that never went away. Tragically, more and more college coaches are discovering that this is less and less the case. Commitment to the team, holding teammates accountable to the goals and values of the team and players being "coachable" to improve their performance are no longer areas of strength for many teams but instead areas of weakness.


Ask any Thomas More football alum, and they will tell you, Saints football has always been about the "team" and their brothers. The Thomas More football brotherhood indeed runs deep, especially in the greater Cincinnati area. And Coach Hilvert has continued this tradition, no doubt. But things are changing in our culture-as mentioned earlier. The Thomas More staff is meeting this challenge- doing MORE to foster a better, more meaningful, more real sense of team.... on and off the football field.


This past Saturday, the Thomas More football team completed their last spring workout, The Spring Challenge. Coach Hilvert started this tradition seven springs ago when he first started as head coach and each year it has gotten bigger and better. This year, he issued another bigger challenge before the prescribed Spring Challenge began. "I want you to make a bigger commitment to the team this summer. If we are going to take Saints football to the next level(Thomas More has been in the DIII playoffs almost every year, Coach Hilvert has been head coach.) then we have to mindful that everything we do AND don't do will have an impact on next year's season and team."


Thank you- Thomas More football coaches- for stepping up to the challenge! In an era where more and more college athletes think they can "get strong" on their own it is refreshing to see coaches willing to challenge their players to realize their strength will ONLY GROW to it's potential because of one simple truth: TEAM.


“I am a member of the team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” 
― Mia Hamm