Atlanta Falcons Coach On the Need for Leadership


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A few months ago I was able to sit down and visit with Coach Eric Sutulovich of the Atlanta Falcons. I got to meet his family as well. An extraordinary man who has his priorities really straight.

He has endorsed SportsLeader wholeheartedly and wants to help others do the same.


Here is a video testimony

and below a letter.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd


Dear Leaders who Work with Youth,

My name is Eric Sutulovich and I am currently an Assistant Coach with the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL. I work the Special Teams.

Our nation is in desperate need of leaders who will boldly guide our country with virtue.

_The NFL is a business but it is also a team sport, where virtuous leadership is necessary for the good of the whole. _

Many of our schools across the country are excellent institutions but over the years their identity has weakened a bit ...

I believe SportsLeader is an organization that can help your school grow and form those virtuous leaders of tomorrow.

_Sports presents a huge opportunity to form the kids in virtue development. Where maybe only 15% of the kids are involved with youth ministry perhaps 85-95% are involved with sports. _

Therefore, involving virtue formation into all of our sports programs is a great opportunity to form the kids.

_Many good coaches do this but increasingly many more do not. At present it’s all up to the goals of the individual coach. _

_That’s why I thought it might be of interest to take a proven program like SportsLeader as a way of making sure all our coaches were on the same page. _

Thanks again for checking out SportsLeader.

Eric Sutulovich