Feedback from Senior QB Jake Kolbe



I recently had a great conversation with Jake Kolbe, Senior QB, of the Naperville Central (IL) Redhawks.


He is a tremendous leader and I think his words show how much impact virtue, mentoring and ceremony are having on him and his teammates.

This is COMMITMENT week and EDUCATION APPRECIATION week for the Redhawks.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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This is the letter the players should write a note on and give to someone important in their educational process. This can be any person, a teacher, bus driver, coach, cafeteria worker, custodian or administrator from any building they have attended.

I have always loved playing football and being with my friends.

But all the ceremonies make it that much more fun, that much more special and it has been huge part of my high school experience.

At this point I can't imagine football without it and I feel sorry for those guys who play on teams who just have the wins and the losses.

IMG_2087 - Version 2

Notice the sticker on helmet. Every Mom puts a sticker on her son's helmet signifying her love for her son and that he will play for her.

The ceremonies bring a lot of heart, meaning and purpose to every game, to every week.

Out of all the ceremonies, the mother-son brunch is my favorite because it is rare that you get to spend a whole day with your Mom.

I enjoy the same stuff as my Dad and we spend tons of time together, so having a special moment with Mom is important to me.


Every Monday our team gets introduced to a new virtue, a new theme. This week is commitment.

The team enjoys focusing on a new virtue each week and the virtue is always something we need to grow stronger, to make us better. If not we might get stale.

These virtues teach us life lessons and help us with life. Football is just a game and even if we make it to the pros it is going to end some day but we will always need virtue no matter what path our life takes.

I've committed to playing football at Illinois State next year.

I chose there mainly because it is so close to home so my parents can come see me play all the time.

It is also known for its education program and after college I want to become a teacher and a coach, most likely a high school football coach because of all the tremendous experiences I have had over the years.

I really admire and look up to my head coach, Mike Stine.