I Love Watching You Play



We frequently receive very inspiring responses to our emails. Here below is a recent example from Vince Oliver, head track coach at Franciscan University of Steubneville.

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I read this email about a week ago I guess its been. Being a father for the last 26 years and a coach for the last 20 years or so it made me check myself. WOW was it a reality check for me... I didn't do so well after reflecting on myself towards my children.

Last night my 6' 2", 225 lb 13 yr old played the first game of his 8th grade season. Throughout the game, I found myself watching him play and finding things he could improve on and techniques, that if employed, would make him a better player on both sides of the ball. He has potential to be something and that's not dad talking, that's 20 years of coaching talking. Anyhow, the game was over and the score wasn't in his teams favor. As they left the sidelines, the first thing he did was look for me. I was absolutely shocked at the look I was getting, I guess because I was cognizant of that guy that I've been. You know what I'm talking about... Oh boy, there's dad... What's he going to say to me this time? As I approached him, I put one arm around his waist and the other behind his head and pulled him close and said to him, "I'm sorry your team wasn't successful tonight, but man did I love watching you play." After he said THANK YOU! he looked at me like, who is this guy and where did my dad go?

I was absolutely amazed what happened next.... 3 HOURS of conversation about his game and what he thought and how he thought he played and asking me to show him how to better take on a kick out block and how better he can use his hands and feet and just everything else his ingenious mind could think of.

I wanted to share this with you briefly and simply say.... Thank you. I put my head on my pillow last night, thanked God for my day and for all of the gifts I've been bestowed and then I cried. I've been that dad. I've always wanted for my children to be the best that they can be. Maybe now, they will know that as I follow some simple but monumental advice.