Moms Should be able to Play

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Without a doubt, the biggest fans occupying the bleachers for athletic contests across the United States are moms. Moms, adorned with buttons of smiling uniformed sons and daughters, moms screaming encouragement to those very sons and daughters, moms anxiously hoping their babies don't get hurt, (no matter how big and strong these babies are!) moms patiently waiting for their child to get in the game, KNOWING that once they get in they WILL shine.


Letters to Mom Ceremony for football coach Jim DeJoy at Sycamore Jr. High have become a staple.

It would only make sense that coaches and athletes would do a better job of celebrating and thanking their biggest fans. There are plaques, acknowledgements in game programs and tokens of appreciation presented to the sports program's biggest financial donors; a hearty thank you for funds allowing kids to work out in the best facilities and to wear the best and safest equipment. But what "official" thanks is given to the very ones who have GIVEN the MOST, the mothers of those athletes competing?


Twin sons mean double prizes for mom!

SportsLeader is committed to helping coaches and athletes do a better job of celebrating family. Without a doubt, athletes need to be affirmed by people they look up to. They need to pledge allegiance to the teammates and coaches they have made a commitment to working with. And they have to say thanks to all the people that have made their life as they know it, possible. This includes all mothers: from biological mothers and grandmothers to step-mothers and foster mothers; in fact, ANY WOMAN that has gone out of her way to be a "mother" to them.


Cincinnati Wyoming H.S. senior manager Duke Mitchell and his mom.

We all NEED to hear from the ones we love the most, that they love us, too. We can never tell our spouse enough that we LOVE them. We can never tell our child enough that we LOVE them. We can never tell our God enough that we LOVE Him. It's how we are wired as human creatures. But lots of times, adolescents CAN forget to tell the people they love, that indeed, they do LOVE them. And it's good from time to time to remind them, that it is a virtue to give thanks and be grateful.


You're never too old to hug your mom for a picture!

Several SportsLeader coaches have "found the time" to give thanks to the moms in a powerful way, more then just recognizing them before or at the half-time of a game. The Letters To Mom ceremony, gives those adolescent athletes who may struggle saying "Thank-you" and "I Love You" the opportunity to do that very thing. Inevitably, stories of sacrifice, selflessness and courage are shared among the young people about their moms. Tears flow. And best of all, the light bulbs go on for many; we are indeed, in a room full of heroines. Sons and daughters NEVER look at their moms the same way!


Let's ALL OF US do ourselves a favor and "make a play" for the people in our lives that we often neglect and overlook. We have countless young people scoring touchdowns, kicking goals, and spiking points, being acclaimed for making plays on the fields of play. But how many of those very same young athletes are saying thank you, showing respect and being grateful, acclaiming the many people that put them on the fields of play in the first place? It doesn't take a tremendous athlete to make THAT play!

Click on the video to see how one team does ceremony….but let me warn you, moms have your kleenix's ready! LORD, PROTECT MY CHILD!

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Cincinnati Milford High School Head Football Coach, Shane Elkin(back row-1st left) and his seniors and their moms at the Milford Letters to Mom Ceremony.