Please, God....give MY KID a great COACH!


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Coaches come in many different shapes and sizes. There are the easy-going ones, whose attitudes are so carefree you wonder if wins or losses actually COUNT. (Coach Gordy Taylor-my 8th grade basketball coach was one of those!) Then there are the intense ones, the drill-sergeants, who nobody even dares to step out-of-line, in fear of great physical and emotional trauma. (Coach Priz- our defensive/offensive backs coach back in high school--Wow! Thank God I played line!) But no matter what, regardless of whatever demeanor they possessed, whatever shape or size they were, the ones WE REMEMBER MOST were the ones who actually CARED about us.


UCLA Legendary Basketball Coach, John Wooden, flanked by players Bill Walton and Lew Alcindor.

I Want A Coach!

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody that lets me actually play in games not only because I deserve it but also because he really wants me in there just enjoying, watching me play.

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody that actually notices me in practice-congratulating me when I do things right but also who loves to yell and push me when I'm not motivated to push myself.


I Want A Coach: 
Somebody that "talks the talk" about how it doesn't take a great athlete to be a great student but also who actually "walks the walk" and celebrates his players who make school work and learning a priority.

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody that preaches what it means to be a better person off the field, courageous, humble and actually concerned about the welfare of others but also is committed TO LIVING those same messages he preaches to us in his/her own life.


Longtime University of Nebraska Head Football Coach, Tom Osbourne

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody who BELIEVES IN ME, seeing the greatness that is in me, when I can't see it myself but also who is never satisfied with what I accomplish, no matter how great, because there is always more I can be.

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody who loves the game we play everyday, spending every free moment in his/her life, giving to us the love that was given by his/her coach, but also wise enough to know that we can appreciate only a fraction of what it means to him.


I Want A Coach: 
Somebody who cares and likes me enough that when I see him at the supermarket, he actually is glad to say "hi", but also who cares and loves me enough that when he sees me doing the wrong thing off the field, actually takes the time to stop and show how disappointed he is in me and my foolishness.

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody who is STRONG enough to handle the pain of unfair "calls" by refs, parents and administrators but also is STRONG enough to cry tears of joy or tears of agony when we win OR lose, giving me permission to do the same and not be ashamed.


1980 U.S. Gold Medal Olympic hockey coach, Herb Brooks

I Want A Coach: 
Somebody that loves me and wants to help me grow whether or not I'm any good at the sport I play.

Somebody who realizes his job as coach is a vocation to help young people become great.

Somebody who is strong enough and wise enough to believe that God has given him/her this job to do His Will.


Please God, give me THAT COACH and I'll sing Your praises every day the rest of my life!

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