O GOD, Give me some HELP!

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"Lord, I could really use some HELP." Have you ever heard yourself utter this prayer?

I think I say this prayer, DAILY! In fact, I KNOW I say this prayer, DAILY.

Help me be a better father. Help me be a better husband. Help me be a better coach. Help me say the right thing. Help me pay my bills. Help me CARE. Help me to stay strong: strong enough to win, to lead, to be a strength to others. Help me make it through the day!

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My wedding day, July 10, 1993….and my best "men"!

As far as I can remember, I've always had a group of people that have helped me. Maybe, it was because I was the baby of the family, or because I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis much of my childhood and needed help every day, or because I've never been afraid to ask for it, being a so-called "mooch" (that's what my wife tells me!). Who knows? Whatever the case, I've always had GREAT friends and family that have been there to help me and love me no matter the circumstance. They have given me financial help, terrific friendship, inspiration, invaluable advice, discipline and a personal love that went far beyond the hijinks of my immature adolescence.


I will always have those friends and family and I will always love them for the times we have shared. But with every new year, every new stage of life, new problems occur. Struggles at work. Struggles of a new home. Struggles of a new family. Struggles with the new things that are happening in our new lives. And many times, I need NEW help from NEW family and friends. People that are an integral daily part of my NEW life. People that God has put into my new life for that very reason; to be a support in the here and NOW. God has, indeed, blessed me, because He has placed so many more of these type of people in my life, at every turn, helping me no matter the conflict or crisis. One of those first people to help me when I first ventured out of the great state of Michigan, 21 years ago, really the first guy to know me as a coach, and a young man trying to be more, was and still is my dear friend, Tim Odom.

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Tim and I with our boys in front of Touchdown Jesus, in South Bend.

Tim and his family, welcomed me and my beautiful wife when we came down here to Cincinnati in 1992. I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into when he hired me as his D-Coordinator at Simon Kenton! For, I can't count the number of times Tim and his family have emptied themselves to help our family. To name a few:

-He has given us money(too many times!). 
-He has given us loyal friendship 
-He has given us a family away from home. 
-He has given us opportunity. 
-He has given us a place to stay…twice! 
-He has given us God.


Tim has been an instrument of God, helping a young coach who didn't know what he was doing. And he continues to be used by God, to so many more than me. He has given selflessly to the wrestling team at Winton Woods when I coached there. He has given to countless sports programs, because he knew what it was like trying to start up a great sports program himself. He has given to countless charities, when he didn't have money, relying on God to take care of the details. God has blessed his faithfulness and helped him create a steel fabricating business, Odom Industries. And he continues to give, supporting SportsLeader, helping us to HELP coaches and athletes across the country.


I consider it an honor to be friends with Tim Odom, he is a great man. If we take the time to think about it, we ALL are indebted to somebody like him. Thank God, Tim learned at an early age that we were meant to be a help to each other. We, as parents, as coaches, as friends and leaders, as followers of Christ are meant to be that helping hand to the people we meet EVERY DAY. And, especially, as adults, we are meant to be a HELP to the young people we coach, teach, encounter every day. SportsLeader urges you, yet again, to be that HELP, that help so many people are groaning for from God, every day. For God works miracles through the people He created; We are meant to be those miracles to others!

Thank you God, for answering MY prayer and making Tim Odom a miracle for me!

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The Odom's and Willertz's celebrating Easter together. Friends FOREVER!