Would You Do This After a Loss?


This happened a number of weeks ago but just in case you did not hear … Graham Watson reported ...

Kansas State University head football coach Bill Snyder sent the North Dakota State QB Brock Jensen a congratulatory note after their game. The game Kansas State lost.


Most coaches would be grumpy and downright indignant after suffering a demoralized (and possible season-crippling) loss to North Dakota State.

But not Kansas State’s Bill Snyder.

Instead of stewing about the stunning 24-21 defeat, Snyder sent Jensen a note telling the senior how impressed he was with his game.


Here’s the text in case you’re having trouble reading it:

Congratulations Brock. I was truly impressed with you & your teammates. You played so very well, virtually error free & with such poise. I wish you a great year & hope you achieve all you desire. Please share my thoughts w/ your teammates. 
Warm regards, 
Bill Snyder


Snyder has been around a long time (since the leather helmet days, I think), so he can appreciate when a team gets lucky and when a team actually plays better than his on that night.

North Dakota State scored a late touchdown to claim the win and notch the first of seven FCS upsets during college football's opening weekend.

Jensen said after the game he was proud to be part of the biggest win in North Dakota State history, and this classy move by Snyder probably makes it even more memorable.

This is VIRTUE in action.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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