Beavercreek Football Feedback

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While it is true that many coaches and athletes are struggling with doing the right thing on and off the field of play(*Check out the latest on Mike Tomlin from last week's game vs. the Ravens),

Steelers Mike Tomlin fined for sideline interference in Thanksgiving Day game.

There ARE coaches that are working hard on themselves and their players helping everybody to become the BEST PEOPLE they can be.

Below, Head Football Coach Scott Clodfelter, at Beavercreek H.S. outside Dayton, OH, gives a testimony of some of the great things his staff has been able to do for their players with the aid and support of SportsLeader.

Thanks Scott for ALL you do!!


Beavercreek H.S. Head Football Coach, Scott Clodfelter(middle) with assistant coach, Steve Owens on left.

Sports Leader has done a tremendous job of supporting our football program here at Beavercreek High School. Like all coaches, we were looking for more and better ways to support our players BOTH on and off the field AND make them BETTER MEN. I listened to Chris Willertz speak at the Ohio State football clinic last spring and was very impressed. One of my assistant coaches contacted Chris and SportsLeader and helped me arrange a coaches training with my staff to go over how the SportsLeader program would benefit our kids and coaches.


Beavercreek assistant coach mentoring one of his players.

What can I say? The results have been FABULOUS! Our kids and coaches have more chemistry now than we have in the last 10 years. Teammates trust each other, players care for each other, the whole team tries to help each other, and people feel VALUED on the team. This is a direct result of the mentoring program, I am sure. Each player is assigned a mentor/leadership coach who meets with his kids once per week. During the meeting, the coach and player talk about “making plays” both on and off the field; it's like a weekly performance/improvement plan.


Beavercreek football player with mom during Letters to Mom ceremony.

The SportsLeader program is so EASY for all coaches and players to follow. It is the character and leadership stuff that some are probably already doing in their programs EXCEPT now it is much more intentional and scheduled….and thus that much more impactful. If you are interested in taking your program to the next level and to really provide the leadership training the kids on your teams really NEED, I highly recommend you have SportsLeader come out and get you started. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


SportsLeader does NOT have all the answers, to be sure. But we pride ourselves in helping coaches discover the answers for THEIR teams and then, supporting those same coaches implement ways to CHANGE the behavior of their people, FOR THE BETTER. Indeed, we are ALL in this TOGETHER! No matter where you are getting your ideas to create true and authentic TEAM, let's all of us commit to getting more coaches, athletes and parents on board.

For, aren't we ALL called to bear WITNESS to the truth? Creating great teams consisting of coaches, athletes and parents really caring and working with each other can go a long in making that truth evident.