Who can HELP my COLLEGE Kid?

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Parent #1: "I wish my college kid had an adult at school that could help her out, more!"

Parent #2: "Yeah, college is so crazy! I worry, daily, about the choices my daughter is making. She plays sports, it would sure be nice if her coach was able to help her as a young lady as much as he/she coaches her."

Parent #1: "You know, I agree, coaches should be expected to help their athletes achieve as PEOPLE as much as they get paid to win games."

Parent #2: "I don't even KNOW if there are any of those types of coaches around."


Coach Kevin McGuff talking about his Ohio State women's basketball team.

Kevin McGuff was hired by the Ohio State University back in April 2013 as the new head women's basketball coach. And for many parents with concerns about college coaches caring about their athletes, Ohio State by their decision to hire Coach McGuff, answered that question with an emphatic, YES, our coaches DO CARE! 
Check out Coach McGuff at his first press conference as OSU Head Coach. Great stuff! 
We WILL develop our basketball players as young LADIES!


Mya McCurdy(on left) and Beth Howe after a recent Ohio State women's basketball practice.

Soon, Coach McGuff hired a staff. Two of those selected to that staff were video coordinator, Mya McCurdy(Cincinnati Winton Woods H.S./Rutgers graduate) and former Buckeye co-captain Beth Howe, as director of women's basketball operations. Both women wanted to do more for the girls, to develop their leadership and character on and off the court. They approached Coach McGuff about utilizing SportsLeader to help fill that role and Coach McGuff couldn't agree more.


Coach McGuff and myself before a SportsLeader-led leadership session with the OSU women's basketball team.

What a privilege and honor it is for us at SportsLeader to help Coach McGuff and his staff work with their athletes at Ohio State! Emphasizing every member's need to improve their individual leadership and character so the team can benefit has been a major theme thus far. Many teams fail because teammates aren't willing to put in the time to improve themselves and sacrifice for the sake of the team. The OSU women's basketball team is working hard to make sure they become better leaders, better people and a better TEAM!

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Father-Son Jersey Night at Hamilton Badin High School last week!

Ironically, another school trying to improve the leadership and character of their students through sports is Hamilton Badin H.S. and both their boys and girls basketball teams. It just happens that Coach McGuff is a 1988 graduate of Hamilton Badin, capping off his senior year, helping the Badin basketball team finish a 28-0 perfect season and the OHSAA Divison III State Championship. Badin celebrated several of their senior basketball players with the Father-Son/Daughter Jersey ceremony just last week and are implementing 1 on 1 mentoring with their basketball players and coaches.


Indeed, college can be scary these days, especially for the PARENTS! To have so much freedom without consistent caring adults to help guide a young adult can be a recipe for disaster. Thank God, that some coaches are recognizing their vocation as coach includes mentoring leadership and character for their young athletes off the playing field also. SportsLeader salutes those coaches, whether they are at, Ohio State University, Eastern Kentucky University, Fransciscan University at Stuebenville or Thomas More College or whatever they may be. Us parents, especially, thank you for what you are doing for our "kids!"


2013-14 Ohio State women's basketball team.