Coaches Celebrating Coaches…for Our Kid's Sake!

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Several SportsLeader coaches have taken the initiative to do more than just work with their specific teams that they coach. Without a doubt, they are consistently striving to do more for their own players, but they also realize that the more coaches they can support to do character, leadership, 1 on 1 mentoring and team building, MORE LIVES will be impacted.


SportsLeader coach-Jim DeJoy (on right) with Sycamore Jr. High Athletic Director, Jason Foley

8th grade head football coach at Cincinnati Sycamore Jr. High School, Jim DeJoy is one of those coaches trying to help his fellow coaches. Each week of the school year, fall-winter-spring, he emails the character story of the week to all the school's coaches, INCLUDING some of the great things some of the coaches are doing with their teams. He is an on-the-site resource to help support and inspire coaches and to help trouble-shoot whatever problems coaches are having trying to help their players become better in character, leadership and 1 on 1 mentoring. I've attached his latest letter to the winter coaches:


It is my hope that all of you have a happy and safe holiday with family and friends. You deserve it! Your hard work and dedication is second to known and it is much appreciated by many of us here at the junior high. Thank you for all you do with our student-athletes. They are lucky have you as coaches and also positive role models that impact their lives!

With our word of the week being sportsmanship, I have a couple shout outs to give:

Congratulations to our wrestling Coaches Arnold, Bemmes, and Messenger. Yesterday’s all school meet was awesome. Our students not only got to experience a great match but win or lose each one of our wrestlers showed class and respect toward their opponents. There was no taunting or cheap shots, just hard work and humility. Great job wrestlers!

My second shout out is to 7th grade basketball Coach Rick Razzano. Rick’s team was involved in a very exciting and close game that went down to the final shot. Fortunately Sycamore made that final shot and won the game. As Coach Razzano was lining up his players to shake hands with the opponents, their coach decided to have his team walk off the floor and refused to shake hands with the Sycamore players. Rick was disappointed but instead of getting upset he turned it into a lesson for his players. He talked and reinforced the importance of sportsmanship and doing the right thing both on and off the court. The bottom line is you never know when a learning opportunity is going to take place but please look for them!

Finally, the e-mail below says everything about our swim team. Coach Wolkoff, Tameris, and Phipps do a great job talking about virtue and forming relationships with team members. The e-mail, titled Compliment, is just one of the many examples I have heard about their teams over the years.

If you or your team has a story to share please do so! The next Sportsleader article will be e-mailed to you on Jan 6th. Our word that week will be integrity. Again, enjoy your break!

Subject: Compliment

Hi Parents, 
I wanted to share with all of you a compliment I received today from one of our officials. He told me after the meet that he was so proud of the Sycamore athletes, that they are so polite, respectful, are team players and they do not have "attitudes" like many kids their age. 
He said that officiating for our meet was an early Christmas gift! 
He made my day! I am proud to be associated with your children! 
Please share this with your kids. 


So many times us adults think that the kids are the only ones that need mentoring. But don't ALL OF US: teachers, coaches and parents included? When do we become so perfect in our vocation that we no longer need help in our jobs? Thank you Jim DeJoy, for what you are doing for SO MANY people in the Sycamore School District, students and adults alike!

ALL OF US should be doing something similar in our schools…..feel free to contact us at SportsLeader if you'd like help.

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