Two Brothers from Cincinnati St Xavier Wrestle with Virtue


Joe and Ben Heyob of Cincinnati St Xavier High School are excellent examples of how they bring virtue into their sport of wrestling.


L to R: Ben Heyob, Dakota Stephens and Joe Heyob hosted a wrestling clinic for little kids.

They are both very accomplished wrestlers but first and foremost they are leaders, great motivators and just plain outstanding young men.

Having your priorities straight in High School is a challenge. It's really refreshing and inspiring finding young men who are well grounded and mature.


Joe Heyob with Coach Tom Wynn. Joe was named outstanding wrestler of the 2013 Glenn Sample Holiday Classic as he marched through his weight class fulfilling his seeded postion. He took the title at 170 lbs

One thing I constantly hear from coaches all over the country is that they do not have anyone who will lead, who will step up and take charge.

Listen to how Joe and Ben lead in this short video

They both share some personal experiences, what virtues they have learned the most through wrestling and talk about something they call, "Offering it Up."


Watch the VIDEO to learn what Ben means with these next two photos.


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Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
A great tool to help you coach your players