Coach, You Should be More Like a Firefighter

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Firefighters have many, many virtues.

In speaking with a number of my friends who are firefighters I was inspired by one simple fact.

When they are on the job and it is announced that there is a child to save - nothing else matters.

The child must be saved.

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On the drive to the fire, there might be nerves, fear, fatigue, worries …

But once everyone realizes that “there is a little girl on the second floor and she’s trapped” all that vanishes instantly and there is an absolute focus, an absolute determination …

We must save that little girl.

As a coach, a teacher, manager … we would do well to learn from these firefighters.

They are focused on the child, the person.

They are no longer focused on the fire, the dangers, the heat, the distractions. No. Only the child.

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But in our sports-driven culture of ESPN, Championship rings, field turf, jumbotrons, new uniforms, more money, TV … it is very, very easy to get lost in the “other things” and forget about the “trapped child on the second floor.”

For the firefighter the only W, the only win that day is saving that little girl. Putting out the fire and everything else quickly becomes a distant second.

Achieving “perfection” in everything else but not saving the little girl … really is no consolation.

The little girl trumps everything.

In sports, this is not the case for many coaches anymore.

The w on the scoreboard, the State Championship ring … often trump “saving the player.”

Yes, in many instances … saving them.

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Saving them from idle nothingness, drugs, alcohol, vice, violence, gangs, depression, social media obsession, video game marathons … Saving them by building them up in virtue, great memories, mentoring … loving relationships … the family spirit of team.

Yes, saving them.

Let’s reflect and ask ourselves … when I step on to the field, the court, the mat, the ice, the gym … what W am I seeking?

Saving the child or simply putting out the fire?

Let’s save lives through sports.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
SportsLeader Digital Manual to Teach Virtue

March 15 leadership seminar image ready

SportsLeader will be offering 4-5 Leadership Seminars thus far this Spring.

A number of other schools have contacted us asking if we would come to their State or their school ...

The schools hosting are schools who have embraced the SportsLeader program.

If you would like more information on what that would entail please respond to this email.

The dates we have scheduled are as follows:

March 15th at McNicholas HS in Cincinnati, OH

April 5th at Beavercreek HS in Dayton, OH

April 5th - Possibly at Wyandotte Roosevelt HS in Wyandotte, MI

April 11th at Bishop Canevin HS in Pittsburgh, PA

May 10th at Wyoming HS in Cincinnati, OH


9:30 AM: Arrive

12:30 PM: Depart (Tentative)

These seminars are for high school and college boys teams.

Once we have more interest from girls teams we will roll those out as well.

Head Coach, 1 Asst Coach and 6-8 potential captains / leaders.

Email us if you have any questions.


The main focus of the seminar is to help our young men better understand that they need to take full personal ownership of their team.

Too many young men passively expect the coaches to lead the team.

We are going to equip them on how exactly to run a leadership council, how to help the communication process and how to address strengths and weaknesses in a positive and encouraging fashion.

Many coaches complain about a lack of leadership.

Let's do something about it!

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
SportsLeader Manual to Teach Virtue