Lady Barons Have Amazing Season


The 2013 season was an amazing one for the Franciscan University of Steubenville women’s soccer team. They were 4-11-3 in 2012 and they finished 12-8 in 2013.

2013 season was their first season with SportsLeader.

Listen to Coach McBane explain why she loves coaching at FUS

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
SportsLeader Manual to Teach Virtue


Coach Clare McBane did a wonderful job integrating all of the elements of the Virtue Program into her team: Virtue, Mentoring and Ceremony.

"Jersey Night was more powerful than I could have imagined in the planning. Several other teams had already had their ceremonies so I knew what to expect- tears, emotional moments, and a chance for the dads to express their love for their daughters. But, it was so much more than that. While there were tears, there was more laughter. While there was emotional moments, there were more emotionally bonding moments. It was a chance for the father's to express their love, but it also created an opportunity for all of us to see that love and share in it. A key to loving another is understanding that person fully. This is no easy feat and with a team of 23 there is only so much time to practice, train, and get to know each other more closely. This evening was a catalyst of understanding. Each girl was able to share a part of where she came from and a part of who she was while we celebrated the commitment she had made to the team. Our Jersey Night was one of the best decisions I made all season. It enabled my girls to know each other better, to bond in a new and unique way, and set us apart as a team that care for each other beyond even the green of our field."


Head Coach Clare McBane

Coach McBane said the team's goal before the season was to make it to the AMCC playoffs. With a playoff win and a competitive performance in the conference semi-finals, they did that and more in 2013.

"The beautiful thing about this season is we met and exceeded our goals," McBane said. "I told the girls not to forget that. Its exciting because we've met that goal and we can set a higher one."

The only thing younger than the Lady Baron's program is there roster, with only one graduating senior the team will return almost everyone for 2014.

Here are some testimonials from a few of the players:


Mary Duran

"Our ability to make sacrifices on our sprints each practice. It give us something powerful to run for." -Mary Duran, sophomore, defense


Ashley Steffes

"I liked how every practice we offered up our physical activity for spiritual intentions. Yes, it pushed me to try harder since I was working for something greater/someone other than myself." -Ashley Steffes, freshman, defense


Ashley Ruttencutter

"The weekly virtues allowed me to just focus on being a better teammate. It brought up important things to focus on that would make me want to be a better person on and off the field." - Ashley Ruttencutter, Junior, Midfielder


Michele Volk

"Jersey night, aside from being a complete surprise, was one of my favorite nights of the season. As teammates we spend so much time together. We go through ups and downs together that your every day group of friends never will. We get to know each other on levels BECAUSE we go through a lot as a team. The speech by the fathers was so special to each of us personally... Hearing affirmations like that meant the world. Families are a huge part of someone's life. Even more so though it brought us as a team so much closer than we could have ever gotten had that not happened. We got a little taste into each other's lives and it bonded us in an amazing way. I think hearin affirmations from your family is so important and to hear it and in front of your teammates brought our team, coaches included, so much closer. If weren't a little family before, we were after that night." -Michele Volk, Junior, Goalkeeper


Emily Moon

"I loved doing the litany before every game because it was always calming and put the game into perspective. It reminded me that we were playing for the Lord and that we were there as a team and for the team" -Emily Moon, Junior, Midfielder


Hannah Castree

"The offering of conditioning and sprints has always had a big impact on me. We carry our sisters and what is on their hearts when we offer up hard workouts. No matter how painful the workout, we are hurting for souls and giving our all allows us to empty ourselves in a beautiful way" -Hannah Castree, Junior, Defense- Captain


Five Lady Barons Make All-Conference Team

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – The Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference named five of the Lady Barons' soccer squad to the 2013 AMCC All-Conference team. Coming off their most successful season ever, Ashley Ruttencutter, Mallory Garthwaite, Calene Dougherty, Jordan Byrely, and Hannah Cooke finished the season with honors.

Junior wing, Ashley Ruttencutter, led the Lady Barons in assists and made the AMCC first team. Due to a role change in the offense Ruttencutter, the team's leading scorer in 2012, saw a drop off in scoring but an increase in effective distribution. She led the team in assists with seven, and also showed her versatility by swinging from wing to center mid at points during the season.

"Ashley is a phenomenal midfielder," Head Coach Clare McBane said. "Whether we have her on the wing or in the center, she dominates possession, controls the attack, and out works all her opponents."

The other Lady Baron on the first team was keeper Mallory Garthwaite. In her first year as the starting goalie, Garthwaite stepped up to be a leader on the team, with four shutouts and 1,624 minutes played. Garthwaite had 103 saves this season, with a .805 save percentage.

"There is absolutely no denying that Mallory is a stand out," McBane said. "But what makes her so unique is not only her talent in goal but also her ability to command the defense and lead the team through her dedication."

Making the second team was sophomore Calene Dougherty. Dougherty moved from center midfield to center defense this season due to injuries on the team. Her leadership and chemistry with the other defenders was a large factor in the Lady Barons' success this season.

"The best word to describe Calene is consistent." McBane said. "There were moments in games when I would find myself without worry simply because Calene was involved in the play. She is reliable, hard working, and one of the best sweepers I've ever seen."

On the third team were the Lady Barons' two strikers, Byrely and Cooke. This season, Byrely, who was second in goals and assists on the team, became one of the Lady Barons' top playmakers in the regular season.

Early in the season, the junior was used to set up plays and to assist the Lady Barons' other striker in scoring. Due to an injury on the team late in the regular season, however, Byrely stepped up as the team's top scorer, earning player of the week just before post season.

"Byrely is a player that every coach wants to have–she is committed, hardworking, and each season I am amazed at how she continues to improve." McBane said. "This season Jordan went from the sole forward up top to the playmaker, continuously making runs and slipping in passes to set up Hannah for strong shots on goal.

Sophomore transfer Hannah Cooke started the season as the top scoring threat for the Lady Barons. In the second home game of the season, Cooke scored a hat trick against Thiel College.

Throughout the season, Cooke maintained her scoring status contributing ten goals in the sixteen games that she played and becoming the top scorer on the team.

"Cooke was a breath of fresh air for our offensive attack. She made our front line more dynamic with her ability to finish in the box, allowing Jordan to be more creative with her runs and passes into the box." McBane said. "Her physicality, determination, and knack for finishing contributed significantly to the best season start in program history."

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