The Beauty of the SportsLeader Family


We never know when our time will come. Life is short.

Coach Dan Duddy and his family are in great need of prayer right now. Dan Duddy, head football coach and pastoral minister of athletics at Monsignor Donovan High School in Toms River, NJ, lost his 19 year old son Francis about a week ago. It was a car accident.

Let us remember Francis in our prayers.

Please pray for the Duddy family: Dan and Maura have 7 other children.

I sent a note out to some of the coaches and friends in our SportsLeader family asking for an encouraging note for the the Duddy family ... many of you did.

If you'd still like to send one feel free to respond to this email. I will compile them in one note and send it to Dan and his family.

One of the notes really moved me personally.

It is by Coach Vince Oliver. I pray you will read his words and take them to heart.

This is one of the most beautiful things about the SportsLeader family ... that coaches who have possibly never met ... still love and respect one another so much.

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Coach Vince Oliver, left, with one of his former runners, Bill Jones.

Coach Duddy & Family,

There isn't a whole lot anyone can say to you right now that will bring comfort to your broken heart. Every loss is tragic, but when a parent losses a child, there can be no greater pain.

I can't express enough the sorrow that we share for you and your family at this time. Our hope is that you can find comfort in our Lord, Jesus Christ and lean on Him during this time and the many times to come that you will need to be held. He will hold you in the palm of His hand and ease your pain if you believe in Him and have Faith.

I lost my father two years ago. When I knew my dad wasn't going to make it and I was very distraught, my dad pulled me close and he comforted me as he prepared to go Home. He rubbed my head and he hugged me as tight as he could and he whispered to me, "I've loved you from the moment you were born and I'll love you as long as time exists.

This is God's plan and His plan is perfect." He looked at me straight in the eyes wiped my tears and then said, "Have Faith my son. Have Faith my boy." He only lived another day and a half after that. In the days and weeks that followed, I would shake my head as I thought about him going Home. Anger, sadness, joy... over and over and over. It was like a roller coaster of emotions. I wanted off and I prayed for peace in my heart.

Why him? Why now? Why!?! About a month passed and I decided it was time to enter his house and begin that task. He lived alone and his home was waiting for me to clean it out. He told me where I could find all of his documents and so that was the first place I went. There was an envelope. Within it was a piece of paper that said the following: "HAVE FAITH! Having Faith means being able to live with unanswered questions, sometimes tough ones.

Faith, doesn't answer these questions, however, Faith gives you the courage to endure and survive without the answers. For those who Believe, no explanation is necessary and for those who don't, No explanation is possible. Have Faith my son. Have Faith MY boy. I'll love you ALWAYS!" I know words are just that, but I hope this can help you Coach, and anyone else who is struggling. I will tell you that I still shake my head and I still cry, but I remember the gift that my dad left me in his words and on that piece of paper. We are all here for you friend. Your boy rests with the One who loves him most. - Have Faith and God Bless.

With a heavy heart, 
Vincent Oliver 
Head Coach 
Men's & Women's Track & Field 
Franciscan University of Steubenville

March 15 leadership seminar image ready

SportsLeader will be offering 3 Leadership Seminars thus far this Spring in the Cincinnati-Dayton area.

A number of other schools have contacted us asking if we would come to their State or their school ...

The schools hosting are schools who have embraced the SportsLeader program.

If you would like more information on what that would entail please respond to this email.

The dates we have scheduled are as follows:

March 15th at McNicholas HS

April 5th at Beavercreek HS

May 10th at Wyoming HS

9:30 AM: Arrive

12:30 PM: Depart (Tentative)

These seminars are for high school and college boys teams.

Once we have more interest from girls teams we will roll those out as well.

Head Coach, 1 Asst Coach and 6-8 potential captains / leaders.

Email us if you have any questions.

The main focus of the seminar is to help our young men better understand that they need to take full personal ownership of their team.

Too many young men passively expect the coaches to lead the team.

We are going to equip them on how exactly to run a leadership council, how to help the communication process and how to address strengths and weaknesses in a positive and encouraging fashion.

Many coaches complain about a lack of leadership.

Let's do something about it!

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
SportsLeader Digital Manual to Teach Virtue