Tips for Teenage Boys on Respecting Girls


You may want to consider forwarding this to your players, the parents of your players and having a talk with your team or in your mentor groups about these points.

Maybe you can text a tip per day for the next 10 days.

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Tips for Teenage Boys on Respecting Girls

(The forgotten art of chivalry):

1. Hold doors for the girl, especially car doors
2. Give the girl the seat of preference
3. Offer her a seat if there are none readily available (for example on a bus, etc)
4. Walk a girl to her car if she is driving alone
5. If you are going to pick up a girl at her home, go to the door, meet her parents especially her Dad and come to the door when you drop her off as well
6. Check on the girl to make sure she gets home safely
7. Stay out of girls™' bedrooms and don’t bring them into yours
8. Walk on the outside of the sidewalk (the guy is the protector)
9. Stand up when she stands up from the table, and stand up when she returns to help her with her chair
10. Respect girls online and via text the same way you would face-to-face

Never forget that your reputation as a gentleman is part of your character. You build it as you grow.

Tips for Everyone on Respect

When you are having a meaningful conversation, keep your phone in your pocket. Don’t keep texting people.

Look at people in the eye - don’t look at your phone.

When greeting or meeting someone, if you are seated, stand up, look them in the eye, smile and shake their hand.

During a conversation with others, ask questions about the other person, about their experiences.

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