Why Would Anyone MARRY a COACH?

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I met my wife Krista, back on Halloween, 1991(scary, isn't it?) in Saugatuck, MIchigan. I was a coach, coaching freshmen football, running the weight room in the winter for the varsity football team, and coaching throwers on the track team in the spring at Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School, in Hamilton, MI. Although, I was a full-time teacher and coach, I had plenty of time to fall in love.

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The love of my life, Krista, and me, the day before our wedding.

It AMAZES me how nothing else matters when you find somebody who's willing to spend the rest of their life with you. I actually remember leaving a Michigan State football coaches clinic EARLY, so I could see Krista! 
What is equally AMAZING is that after a while, that LOVE, that infatuation with THAT PERSON, is taken more and more for granted. The other things in life I had happily put second, (for me as a coach, my sport, my coaching, my "kids") again became my priority, scandalously ahead of the love of my life, Krista Olendorf.

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Krista and I at Mackinaw Island for our 10-year anniversary.

Krista soon realized into our marriage that she had married a football player, a football coach, a football fanatic. I was driven by football, to be as good a coach I could be and to make my players, the best football players they could be. She had become a football coach's wife or should I say, a coach's widow. The days of reading together on the beach, watching endless movies together, playing cards at The Butler, our favorite restaurant from our courtship, things integral in helping us fall in love were over. And she asked, more times than she had expected, "Did I really sign up for this?"

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Married for LIFE!

I am sure all married couples go through this, in some shape or form. The process of becoming "one" hurts----giving up a part of yourself to be closer to your spouse, especially when you hadn't envisioned that this was going to a part of the "DEAL". Krista and I, definitely fell into this category, there were many times when I neglected her and my duty as her husband and there were many times when I couldn't understand why she couldn't get with the program.

Thank God…...God entered the picture.

And, although, there is no way I can explain it in such short detail, He made me realize that I could be a great coach, but only with Krista by my side, helping me; while, at the same time, He also helped me recognize that I COULD also be a great husband to Krista, AND being a coach could help me do it better, as well. We could do it! We could be a HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE WITH A SPOUSE THAT COACHED HARD, but that meant all that other "stuff" had to go away; God had to be CENTRAL to our marriage for us to know what was essential and what was dangerous.


I KNOW Krista and I are some of the lucky ones, without a doubt. We count our blessings, EVERY DAY! It has been reported in some research that 60-70% of coaches marriages end in divorce! How tragic! It makes one wonder why anybody would marry a coach, or be a coach in the first place.

With all this being said, Krista and I have decided for the next 40 days we will embark on a 40-day prayer/fast. We want to give thanks for being some of the lucky ones. We are doing this for our marriage, our family, our mission as a married-couple, AND for all families, ESPECIALLY COACHES! Let's face it, the coaching profession is just too hard without getting some help from somewhere. We want to be part of that help.

*If you want, feel free to join us! We will be praying the following devotionals throughout:

40-Day Prayer/Fast Daily Devotions

Thank God, 20 years ago a beautiful woman had the courage to marry this coach! I am a better man for it, and I KNOW the world is a better place because of it, as well.