Accountability and the #1 Ranked Running Back in the Country

SportsLeader is an intentional virtue and mentoring program that brings structure and accountability to coaches.

A number of years ago we brought the program to the entire athletic department of one particular school.

Some coaches did an amazing job of integrating the program, some so-so and some made no effort.

This was viewed by the feedback from athletes and parents, practices, ceremonies and a number of other elements.

One of the coaches who made no effort told me after the season that he did not need a program because as a coach this is what he does all the time anyway.

I found it interesting that even when he had a program, had some personal help … he ignored it and yet thinks he is already doing it when clearly he did not when faced with some accountability.

We define accountability as the strength to be willing to be held responsible for one’s actions.


An example of the opposite is Coach Jon Clark at Madison Southern High School in Berea, KY.

He has done an amazing job and the fruits in the lives of his athletes speak for themselves.


Damien Harris is a Running Back at Madison Southern. As a Junior this year he is currently the #1 ranked RB on the 2015 ESPN300.

Damien is a very talented young man but at the same time he is humble, a great teammate and someone his offensive line loves to block for.

IMG 2402

I had the opportunity to site down and chat with Damien about the following:

How the virtues have helped him and the team on and off the field

His RBs coach as father figure

What I’ve been blessed with … I play to pay back what I’ve been blessed with


He mentions accountability a number of times …

What can we all do to practice the virtue of accountability this week? Apologize for something you know you did wrong … even if it was many years ago.

Virtue = Strength, Lou Judd 
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