*Last week, 80 people responded with an answer for how many squares were in the square diagram I provided. Of those, 28 responded correctly with an answer of 30 squares. To correctly answer, one must add all the squares:

There were: 16 1x1 squares 
There were: 9 2x2 squares 
There were: 4 3x3 squares 
There was: 1 4x4 square for a total of 30 squares.

Thanks to everybody that took the time to try to solve the brain teaser. Next week, I will provide another brain teaser for those up to the challenge!


Bill Murray overcomes his fear of sailing in this classic scene! Click on the image to watch.

One of my family's favorite movies is "What About Bob?". Bob Wiley, (played by Bill Murray) was paralyzed with fear. He was afraid of leaving his apartment, afraid of riding the elevator or the bus, afraid of EVERYTHING! One random day, however, miraculously, without warning or explanation, he is given the precious gift of HOPE. Dr. Leo Marvin, in a seemingly innocent counseling session, gives Bob that glimmer of HOPE when he advises him to read his best selling book, BABY STEPS and begin to take control of his life. Amazingly, Bob takes his advice and it WORKS! Wanting more of this new and wonderful drug, Bob Wiley pursues Dr. Marvin thirsty for MORE; so much that he can’t leave the Marvin family alone! Soon, that hope combined with the joy of a new-found family (much to Dr. Marvin’s chagrin!) cures Bob and his once hopeless life of neurotic fear.



Do you have a plan for your players? What are you doing to help them with their most basic needs?

Although just a movie, I think "What About Bob?" reveals a hidden truth to all of us. Indeed, we all need. But it is much more simple than we make it out to be. We need the simple things, most. We need somebody’s time and attention. We need a plan. We need somebody to give us some hope. We need some love; some type of belonging. For Bob Wiley,this formula worked; a hopeless cause was saved, and what is more, totally by accident!


As leaders, we expect to be great. We strive and we strive and we strive. As leaders, we expect our people to be great. We push our people to strive and to strive and to strive. But we are missing the basic truth; our people can’t be great if their basic needs are NOT being met. And whether we like it or not, this is the truth for many of our players; their most basic needs are NOT being met. Many do not have food to eat OR a place to stay/sleep. Many don’t feel safe and secure in their homes, much less in the hallways, in the classrooms or even on your team. Many have NO sense of belonging, of being a part of a group that really cares about them or looks out for them. And as far as respect, many of our kids are disrespected on a daily basis! It is a cruel, cruel world, let’s not kid ourselves. With this all going on, how can our people be expected to realize their potential and strive, when so many are barely surviving!?


Come on, leaders, are players are pleading (I need, I need!) for more from us as leaders. And it’s not necessarily full-ride scholarships and press clippings. They want simple things, the things that REALLY satisfy the soul. They want things like being empowered, or being a part of a REAL family, or being mentored by adults they admire and respect, or being able to HOPE; the real treasures in life. Real treasures that we DO have the power to share with them.

We all have the power to SAVE, as principals, athletic directors, parents or coaches. Let all of us overcome our fear of being that great leader, TODAY!

Chris Willertz 
More Than A Coach: SportsLeader!